Wix vs Fram air filter: Which is best in 2022?

wix vs fram air filter

An air flow filter is probably the most simple component of any engine.

When your service mechanic advises to replace it regularly, it might occur that is it even worth it or, in general, vehicle owners only believe that the air flow filter needs to be routinely changed.

Everyone selects their best based on advertisements or their fellow vehicle owner’s opinions.

In this article, we cover the technical aspects of changing air filter and compare the two most widespread air filter, Wix VS Fram air filter, on a diverse scale, covering their in-depth functionality, maintenance, durability, panel build, etc.

So, wheather it is the wix air filter or fram filters, lets decide in 5 mintutes.

Why Air Filter is important?

On the surface, the most common answer to this question is that an air filter prevents dust and other small pollutant particles from entering the engine, resulting in higher engine efficiency by eliminating the potentially extensive damage to your engine and your pocket.

Suppose you dig a little deeper into the technical aspects of the importance of an air filter.

You might find that it maintains appropriate air-fuel levels hence providing higher efficiency, but it still scratches the surface.

Below are the three significant benefits that an air filter like wix air filter or fram filters provides:

  1. Emission reductions:

The imbalance in air-fuel quantity enhances the polluted emissions because the engine is working harder, resulting in a high rate of fuel-burning that triggers harmful hydrocarbons that not only damage the environment but hugely impact spark plugs causing rough idling(means the car’s RPM will jump up and down enormously), increase engine depositions means black carbon powder(similar like collected in the chimney) created because of incomplete fuel combustion can damage cylinder walls, intake valves, injector nozzles, etc.

  1. Enhance fuel efficiency

The logic is simple, we know that oxygen is needed for any fuel to burn better, and the most obvious source of unlimited oxygen supply is air hence air filter (like wix filters pr fram filter)maintain appropriate air levels within the engine to work efficiently on smaller fuel amounts, and if it blocked then engine needs to work harder or if it’s not used at all then also engine works harder because fuel is not able to maintain appropriate heat because of excessive air passing through and empty air vent where air filter supposed to control the amount.

  1. Prolongs engine life

A particle of any dust or pollutant as small as a sugar grain, if entered into the engine air filter, can damage internal engine parts like cylinder and pistons so hard that it might cost a fortune. This example is sufficient to explain that an air filter, although it looks very ordinary, has the potential to damage an entire engine extensively.

Now that you understand the importance of air filter in an engine, it’s time to select the best aftermarket air filter from the most popular product brands: Wix air filters and Fram filter.

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Wix VS Fram Air Filter

There are many questions are frequently asked related to Wix VS Fram Air filter comparison, like,

Do they even match the quality of stock air filter? or

Which of the two is more efficient in both functionality and durability?

And the questions never end based on everyone’s personalized engine models and use cases. Hence the best way is to compare them on every possible minute detail with a significant focus on in-depth technicalities so that everyone can withdraw their personalized fit based on various use cases and engine models.

Below is the table that covers every detail related to Wix VS Fram Air filters, and this information is not theoretical but came from experiences, so suffice to trust in practical scenarios.

Wix Air Filter Fram Air Filter
Wix air filter(especially NAPA gold and NAPA platinum) uses a factory synthesized composite of fiberglass and plastic as their filter material that has even length and shape fibers hence this air filter traps particles up to as small as 25 microns with 100% secureness of not allowing these harmful particles into the engine. Depending on the use case, if the engine is more utilized or often used in places with high chances of entering dirt into the engine, then Wix is the only optimal choice.  Fram Air filter uses organic cellulose(paper) fiber material that has uneven length and shape hence some smaller particles make pass not get trapped and might even pass in some cases but using these organic cellulose(paper) materials in the filter fibers provide more density control over the air filters. Here the frame has a slightly upper edge in the basic range because it uses an air filter on its own for dirt prevention.
Wix is an all-rounder functional air filter installed in diverse vehicle categories such as cars, heavy or light trucks, etc., with control over air flowing depending on different engine specifications, letting the fuel burn efficiently and smoothly. The only critical factor is the price to functionality ratio, which is slightly above the affordability mark. There is a reason why Wix provides this much diverse engine support that we discuss in the next point.  Suppose you are sure that you want an air filter specifically for small to medium range engines. In that case, Fram air filters come at an affordable price range as it immediately increases your engine acceleration and horsepower capabilities. Although it is not suitable for heavier engines, it might not necessarily be needed if one has a general model’s engine. 
Wix comes with a well-designed filter that protects for over three years, which means approximately 30000+ kilometers range, and this is why it offers support on a much more diverse engine, as mentioned in the above point.  Fram air filters also provide an excellent filtering quality with the protection of vehicles minimum from 12000 kilometers. The above limit is not generalized and solely depends on the use case. If the engine is utilized more frequently or in place with more dirt, one needs to change it earlier than expected.
Wix air filters have specially formulated adhesive to hold pocket plates together efficiently in terms of build quality. And not only this, a urethane gasket is used to surround the filter media for a more durable sealing capability. A molded mesh screen is also used to enhance the stability of the whole air filter.  Fram air filter comes with a durable and versatile build that maintains the affordability range and is optimized to compete with competitors’ best air filters. Other feasible features are also included in this air filter’s build, like the ease of installation with wide acceptance. 
Wix Filter media is made of coarser, which contains glass and polyester for better separation. It also has high pleats compared to Fram air filters which provide more prominent surface area coverage and thickness. A media filter is a critical part of an air filter aiming to efficiently separate air and dust/pollutant particles.    Fram air filter is made of carbon spun fiber material that uses cellulose(paper) fiber fragments to build custom pleats, resulting in optimum dirt particle and air separation. The carbon spun fiber is used because of the uneven fiber length of cellulose(paper) hence it enhances the separation to a more considerable extent. 
Wix oil filters use coiled steel springs as relief valves that provide easy cleaning of collected thick oil over time by shifting collected oil outside the filter compartment to a greater extent.  Fram oil filters use leaf springs as relief valves hence the chances of air choke are high, especially if you have already passed the replacement interval. The main reason to use leaf springs is the filter that is not possible to clean used in this Fram Air Filter. Also, it has a deep capacity in the engine hence the chances are high that if not replaced, then unfiltered air can easily damage internal engine parts. 

Why does the Wix Vs Fram Air filter have a huge replacement gap?

After the Wix air filter Vs Fram Air filter comparison, the most obvious doubt one can have is in their replacements Frequency.

Wix Air filters can provide efficient performance to over 30000+ kilometers, whereas the Fram Air filter has a minimum tendency of over 12000 kilometers.

The primary reason for their efficiency lies in the types of air filters. Many air filters are used in the engines, and depending on these types, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Let us understand these different types of Air filters in detail,

Mainly Four types of Air filters are used in engines based on different materials used within them.

These additional materials are selected based on versatile criteria like type of vehicle, driving conditions, etc.

Hence it is not like one is better than the other because it largely depends on the use case.

  1. Paper-based Air Filter

It is the most preferred choice in most conditions because it is mainly durable compared to other Air filter types.

The materials here are 100% organic and made of cellulose. The most popular Air filter in this category is the Fram filter that we already covered in the above sections of this article. Please don’t confuse with fram oil filters.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good airflow
  • Reliable


  • Not cleanable
  • Can’t reuse


2.Custom fiber Air filter:

It is an advanced type of paper-based air filter where paper fibers are replaced with more tensile materials like fiberglass, plastic, etc.,

that provide prevention from dirt particles of as low as 25 microns. Wix NAPA Gold and Platinum Air filter best fit this category.


  • Well designed filters
  • Durable
  • Highly efficient


  • Not reusable

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  1. Cotton/Gauze Air filter:


These air filters are long-lasting and can be reused again and again after proper cleaning.

It is majorly used in larger engines and is available in two types that are synthetic dry and oiled gauze.


  • Reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly reliable


  • Expensive
  • More maintenance


  1. Foam Air Filter:

It is majorly designed for dusty and high dirt areas. The best use case of this Air filter is in lawnmowers, farming rigs, etc.

The efficiency is relatively low; hence, it is not an optimal option for general vehicle engines.


  • Good in dirt areas
  • Affordable


  • Restrictive Airflow
  • Less effective
  • Not environment friendly
  • Burn more fuel

Apart from the details mentioned above, there is some more helpful information that helps you select the best Air filter for your personalized use case:

Features 1.Paper based Air Filters 2.Custom fiber Air filters 3.Cotton/ Gauze Air Filters 4.Foam Air Filters
Cost(in $) 10-30 20-40 25-65+ Cleaning Cost 8-15 + cost of oiling
Reusability No No Yes, on a scheduled cleaning, it can reuse up to the engine’s life Not recommended
Replacement after(in km) 12000 -20000  20000 -30000  Every 5000  12000-30000
Supported vehicle type All types All types All types Farm equipment and vehicles that travel on dirt roads.

However, the most preferred choice is either Paper-based or custom fiber air filters because the latter is the same as the prior with the only difference of synthesized materials.

 FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why Air Filter needs to be replaced ?

ANS. The dirt pollutant particles collected within the air filter plants need a replacement to maintain continuous and clean airflow within the engine.

  1. What is MERV rating in Air Filter?

ANS. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, a rating of air filters that tells how effectively an air filter can stop harmful dust particles from entering the internal engine.

The higher the MERV rating means, the better Air filter efficiency.


Wix Vs Fram Air filter is a never-ending comparison over the internet for the better replacement of stock Air filters in the engine.

Both Air filters have different use cases, so it is unfair to the product to compare them side by side based on personalized circumstances.

In this article, we covered all the minute details in logically comparing formats required by anyone to select the best fit for their engine.

We also state all the essential information related to the Air filter that helps you better understand and ultimately results in the appropriate selection for your engine.


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