Roll N Lock Vs Retrax: Comprison, guide and details

Roll N Lock and Retrax are two of the most popular truck bed cover brands that sell out a lot of different types of truck bed covers in the market. Not just are these brands selling the truck bed covers, but they are two of the industry leaders.

Roll N Lock Vs Retrax

The Roll N Lock and Retrax offer a lot of premium truck bed covers that are not just easy to install but also help in keeping your stuff safe. So, we have compared Roll N Lock Vs Retrax brand, and their different truck bed covers to help you find out which one is better.

Roll N Lock Vs Retrax Comparison

Retrax and Roll N Lock are remarkably similar brands. They both sell truck bed covers and are leaders in their respective industries.

Both the Roll N Lock and Retrax brands have been offering the best retractable truck bed covers since they were founded. The Roll N Lock was founded in 1992 Retrax was founded in 1996.

Between these two truck bed cover brands, there are a lot of differences as well. You may easily identify a lot of differences between them, from pricing to available models. For instance, the Roll N Lock is slightly more expensive than the Retrax covers.

However, the Roll N Lock truck bed covers are superior in terms of design and construction quality, so their higher price is reasonable.

When selecting a product, you should always consider the features and cost instead of the brand, particularly if there are two well-known brands available.

The Roll N Lock vs. Retrax comparison follows the same principle. Depending on your preferences, needs, and economic situation, you can select the brands.

But when it comes to choosing the best, Roll N Lock is our pick because it is not only more established and popular, but it also provides no-compromise truck bed covers.

Difference Between Roll N Lock and Retrax

The Roll N Lock and Retrax offer a lot of different models of truck bed covers.

The Roll N Lock has its most popular M-series Truck Bed Tonneau covers, while the Retrax has its own retractable Truck bed covers, which fit 1997 all the way to 2008 Ford F-150 trucks.

Below is the comparison of Roll N Lock LG101M Vs RetraxOne 60312 truck bed tonneau cover.

Cargo Capacity

The first and foremost difference between the Roll N Lock Vs Retrax bed covers is their cargo capacity. Both offer different cargo capacities in their different models.

The Retrax is slightly better in terms of cargo capacity as it comes with the special feature known as Trax Rail System, which is designed by Retrax itself. This special feature allows the cover to have a T-slot rail on the top of the cover.

Apart from having a T-slot, this feature also allows you to mount accessories. Not just that, but you can mount almost double the amount of cargo in comparison to the Roll N Lock truck bed covers.

When it comes to the Roll N Lock cargo capacity, then they are also good but not better than the Retrax covers as they have a compressed canister which allows you to maximize the cargo capacity.

On top of that, the Roll N Lock cover comes with aerodynamic housing lids, which allows for better bed space.

Build Quality

The build quality certainly needs to be considered as the most important key point before buying a truck bed cover, and Retrax offers a sturdy truck bed cover with an aluminum matte finish that is extremely strong.

Moreover, the Retrax cover is also capable of holding a heavy weight of up to 500 lbs which is sufficient in most cases.

On the flip side, the Roll N Lock cover is built with vinyl-over aluminum. While Roll N Lock is known for their build quality, the LG101M is certainly not what you want as it is not as strong as the RetraxOne Truck bed cover.

Additionally, the Roll N Lock truck bed cover has some parts which are made up of plastic. But when it comes to the hinge, it is extremely durable and comes with a better build.

The Roll N Lock truck bed tonneau cover can only hold up to 350 pounds of weight in comparison to 500 pounds of RetraxOne truck bed cover.

Suitable Weather Conditions

When purchasing a truck bed tonneau cover, it is crucial to consider the weather. Once again, Retrax is a better choice, as it provides superior protection from hot or cold climates. The cover offers the highest level of protection from the sun, rain, and snow.

The coating on this cover may shield you from the blistering UV and solar rays, in addition to protecting the cover from inclement weather. It also has a matte surface that is scratch resistant.

Also, there are drain tubes in this cover that allows removing of water from the canister.

On the other side, the Roll N Lock is also great when it comes to weather protection as it is made up of vinyl aluminum. But it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as Retrax.

Security Features

There is another major difference between the Roll N Lock and Retrax bed cover when it comes to security. The Retrax cover is a better option as it comes with latching functionality, so you can latch it in any position you like.

Additionally, you can add more load to the cover by opening the cover with the tailgate. On top of that, the Retrax truck bed cover comes with a lid that hides the latch, which lowers the risk.

On the other hand, the Roll N Lock truck bed tonneau cover can be locked in 4 different positions only, and it comes with a ratchet system latch. You can lock the latch with the tailgate for additional security.


While the Retrax cover is the winner for its better security, build quality, and cargo capacity, the Roll N Lock is a better option in terms of installation. The Roll N Lock truck bed cover with hassle-free installation as you can install this truck bed cover alone.

The Roll N Lock cover comes with a clamp-on track functionality which allows you to install the cover in no time. You can install this cover by following the quick start guide.

On the other hand, you can’t install the Retrax cover alone. You will require another person to align the truck bed cover sidebars, which will also consume a little bit of time.


The Roll N Lock truck bed covers are more expensive than Retrax. It may not seem like a big difference, but Retrax covers are a few dollars less expensive than Roll N Lock. Whether you purchase it locally or online, there will always be a small price difference between these two truck bed covers.

Which is Better Bed Tonneau Cover: Roll N Lock Vs Retrax?

The RetraxOne is a better option in comparison to the Roll N Lock cover as it comes with a heavy-duty aluminum-grade build. Moreover, it has a better level of security so no one can have unauthorized access.

On top of that, this truck bed cover is low profile which allows you to use the truck’s bed storage without any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you easily remove the canister for full bed access in Retrax?

Yes, you can easily remove the canister if you want to have full access to the bed.

Is Vinyl aluminum better than aluminum?

No, aluminum is a better option as it can withstand any weather.

What type of finish does Roll N Lock have?

The Roll N Lock cover comes with a low glass vinyl aluminum finish.


Based on the comparison above, both the Roll N Lock and Retrax are excellent truck bed tonneau cover choices. Both the truck bed cover has their own advantages and disadvantages.

In the end, it all boils down to your personal preferences, which one you prefer. There are some differences, but these are not major differences and will not have an impact in the long run.

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