Roadwire Vs Katzkin: Which one is more durable?

Whether you are looking to improve the interior of your car or you want to provide extra protection to the seats for a comfortable ride, you need seat covers that can do it all.

Roadwire Vs Katzkin

The market is flooded with seat cover brands, but Roadwire and Katzkin are two of the brands that offer industry-grade seat covers.

The Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers will not only offer the best protection but will also improve comfort. So we have compared the Roadwire, and Katzkin seat covers to help you identify which is better for your needs. Let’s dive in!

Roadwire Vs. Katzkin Seat Cover Comparison

Roadwire Seat Cover Katzkin Seat Cover
Exterior Real Leather Seat Cover Leather and Vinyl
Color Options Black Black and Medium Earth Gray
Compatibility Suitable to fit different vehicles and models Suitable with F-150 SuperCrew XLT and Ford
Warranty 3 years or 36,000 Miles 3 years or 36,000 Miles
Installation Professional help needed Professional help needed
Material Leather Leather
Design Replaceable as Leather Interior Cover Insertable rear seats. Other parts are made of vinyl
Kit Cut and Sewn for different models and vehicles Front seat, rear seat, headrest, and front middle jump seat
Pricing Budget-friendly Slightly Expensive
Maintenance Low-cost maintenance High maintenance

Similarities Between Roadwire Vs. Katzkin Cover


If you are willing to upgrade your seat covers because the old seat covers do not have good air ventilation, then you must know that both the Roadwire and Katzkin seat cover offers great ventilation.

Both seat covers are high and comfortable, and they easily pass the air as they are made of pure leather. Moreover, you won’t feel hot during long rides with these seat covers.


Another commonality between Katzkin and Roadwire seat covers is their warranties. They both have a three-year warranty.

Additionally, both manufacturers provide warranties of up to 36,000 miles, allowing you to utilize them as you wish without worrying about how long they will survive. If the seat coverings have any defects, you may request a replacement throughout the warranty period.


When it comes to the installation process, then Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers can be installed in the same way. Both of these seat covers require professional installation, so the installation process isn’t as easy as you might think.

The Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers can both be installed by a professional. This is due to the fact that the Katzkin seat cover comes with a kit of Front seat, rear seat, headrest, and front middle jump seat, which needs a professional to be installed.

Also, the Roadwire seat doesn’t come with any kit. Instead, it needs to be cut and sewed the seat cover as per your vehicle and its model.

Differences Between Roadwire Vs. Katzkin Seat Cover


A significant difference between the Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers is their exterior part. Both of them have a slight difference in their exteriors.

For instance, the Katzkin seat covers have a leather and vinyl exterior. At the same time, the Roadwire seat cover has real leather.

The Katzkin seat cover is of low quality as the vinyl has been used in the making, which is slightly less durable than the real leather. However, in real life, you may not be able to find out any difference between both of these seat covers.

Color Options

Choosing a color for the interior of the car is one of the most important aspects, and both of these seat covers are not good in terms of offering different color options. This is due to the fact that the Roadwire and Katzkin don’t have many color choices.

In fact, the Roadwire seat cover comes in only Black color option. In comparison, the Katzkin seat cover comes in only 2 color options: Medium Earth Grey and Black. Both of these color options look great. However, they may not suit your vehicle’s interior color, which is a major drawback of these seat covers.


Compatibility is another vital aspect to take into account while choosing between the Raodwire and Katzkin seat covers. The Roadwire seat cover is designed to fit specific vehicles.

For instance, you can place your order by telling the vehicle model and year. Depending upon the availability, it will be delivered to you. Moreover, the manufacturer can also design and produce seat covers for a specific vehicle, which is a plus point of choosing Roadwire seat covers.

On the other hand, the Katzkin seat covers are only available for a few specific models like F-150 SuperCrew XLT and Ford, which is a drawback of choosing Katzkin over Roadwire.

Build Quality & Appearance

The build material of Roadwire and Katzkin is similar but has some differences as well. For instance, the Roadwire seat cover is made up of genuine, high-quality leather. The Roadwire seat cover is equipped with photosensitive digital laser-pattern cutting technology, which improves comfort as well as protection. Moreover, the cutting technology helps the leather seat cover to fit perfectly into the seat.

On top of that, the Roadwire seat cover uses OEM computer files which makes it a premium seat cover. And you are also allowed to add your customized logo to the seat cover, which will make the interior look better.

On the flip side, the Katzkin seat cover is also made up of leather along with the automotive vinyl material, which is known for its high-quality protection and comfort.

Furthermore, the Katzkin comes with a slip-on seat cover that helps you wrap up the old seat cover quickly and easily.

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While both of these seat covers are designed to fit different interiors, both fit perfectly into specific vehicles and help improve the overall look of the interior.

On top of everything else, the Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers are refined for customization, so you can add logos and do extra piping, embroidery, and stitching as per your needs.


When it comes to the design of Roadwire and Katzkin seat covers, then both of them are significantly different. The Roadwire seat covers have a completely different design as this seat cover can be replaced as the leather interior cover for your car’s seat.

On the other hand, the Katzkin seat cover has an insertable design for the rear as well as the front seat, both of which are made of leather. Also, the other stuff of the Katzkin seat cover is made up of automotive-grade vinyl.


If you are someone who likes to have a kit with seat covers, then the Katzkin seat cover is what you might prefer because the Roadwire seat cover doesn’t come with any type of kit.

Instead, the Roadwire seat cover is a cut and sewn seat cover that fits every vehicle in a different manner. The Katzkin seat cover comes with all the parts out of the box.

You get the front and rear seats, headrests, and also the front middle jump seat in the Katzkin seat cover box.


When it comes to pricing, then it all depends upon your budget. If you want something that is highly durable and there are no budget restrictions, then the Katzkin seat cover is an ideal choice as they are more expensive than the Roadwire seat covers.

The prices for these seat covers will differ slightly whether you buy them online or offline. The Roadwire seat covers are generally cheaper and budget-friendly, even though there is not a huge difference in terms of build quality.


Maintenance is one of the important considerations, especially if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on the maintenance of seat covers. Both seat covers are different in terms of maintenance cost.

The Katzkin seat covers require high maintenance. Therefore, they may not be as ideal as the Roadwire seat cover. The Roadwire seat covers do not require costly maintenance. In fact, they can be maintained by the owner.

Katzkin seat covers work correctly if you park your car in direct sunlight because it has high-quality leather, which works well with direct sunlight and continuous use. However, this is not the case with the Roadwire seat cover. The Roadwire seat cover leather is of lower quality, so they don’t require similar maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Roadwire Vs. Katzkin Seat Cover

Roadwire Seat Cover:

Pros Cons
Real leather Professional installation required
3 Years warranty
Suitable for specific vehicles and models
Budget-friendly & low-cost maintenance

Katzkin Seat Cover:

Pros Cons
2 Color options Professional installation required
The kit is included in the box Only available for a few models
3 Year warranty
Great comfort and protection

Which is Better: Roadwire Vs. Katzkin Seat Cover?

The Roadwire seat cover is superior to the Katzkin seat cover. Despite the lack of major differences between these two seat covers, the Roadwire seat cover offers a real leather build.

Moreover, the Roadwire seat cover is more budget-friendly, and it is low-cost maintenance. On top of everything else, the Roadwire seat cover fits specific vehicles and models.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to install Roadwire or Katzkin seat covers?

The leather covers take a lot of time and expertise to be installed professionally. When it comes to the installation time of Roadwire or Katzkin seat covers, then it may take up to 2 days to be completely installed.

Are Katzkin seat cover support heated seats?

Well, it depends upon the seat cover you buy. The basic seat covers do not support heated seats, but you can also buy seat covers that support heated seats.

Which material is better for seat covers, leather or fabric?

Leather seat covers are high-quality seat covers that look more premium than fabric seat covers. Moreover, leather seat covers have a long lifespan. And over a period of time, leather seat covers do not look dull like fabric ones.


In short, both seat covers are great options to have in your car. The Raodwire and Katzkin are both high-quality seat covers that are built to last long. In fact, both of these seat covers have been rated 5 out of 5 stars by professionals.

In the end, it all boils down to your own preferences, budget, and needs. If you want something that does have a different color option, then the Katzkin should be your choice. However, if you want something that has low-cost maintenance, the Roadwire seat cover should be your choice.


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