NGK Vs Autolite: Comparison, guide & review

A spark plug must be installed in order to ignite the gas and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your car. Spark plugs are directly related to your car’s necessary components. So selecting a high-quality spark plug becomes crucial.

NGK Vs Autolite

The most popular and premium spark plugs available in the market are made of iridium and copper. In order to assist you in making the best decision, we have reviewed and compared the NGK Vs Autolite spark plug.

NGK Vs Autolite Comparison

NGK Spark Plug Autolite Spark Plug
Model LTR7IX-11 XP3924
Core Material Copper Iridium
Top Material Metal Nickel
Life Expectancy 40 to 50 Thousand Miles 40 to 50 Thousand Miles
Melting Point 650 Degree Celsium 700 Degree Celsium
Thread Size 12 mm 14 mm
Thread Pitch 1.25 mm 1.25 mm
Gap 0.008 inch 0.2 mm 0.05 inch or 1.3 mm
Reach Up to 26.5 mm Up to 26.5 mm
Temperature Range 11 32

Difference Between NGK Vs Autolite


Spark plugs from different companies, such as NGK and Autolite, have different model numbers. Additionally, you must make sure you purchase the same model spark plug because the market is filled with many duplicates and out-of-date spark plugs with a similar model number.

Melting Point of Spark Plug

The melting point is the extreme temperature at which the spark plug will change from solid to liquid. The melting point is a very important property of any spark plug. Melting point is determined by factors such as temperature, pressure, and composition of the substance.

The melting points of NGK and Autolite spark plugs are comparable. The difference in temperature between the two spark plugs is only 50 degrees celsius. While the Autolite spark plug begins to melt at 700 degrees Celsius, the NGK spark plug begins to melt at 650 degrees.

Thread Size

The thread or wire on both the NGK and Autolite plugs are of different sizes. The NGK spark plug has a thread size of 12 mm, while the Autolite spark plug has a thread size of 14 mm. So the Autolite thread is a little thicker than the NGK spark plug.


The gap between the spark plug and the component should also be taken into account. While Autolite has a 1.3 mm gap, NGK spark plugs have a 0.008 inch (or 0.2 mm) gap. NGK spark plugs will therefore ignite more easily than Autolite Iridium plugs, but they will also wear out more quickly.

Not only will the NGK spark plug ignite quickly, but you will also need a wrench that is the right size for this plug to install it without issue.

Temperature Range

There is a substantial difference between the two spark plugs when it comes to the temperature range. The temperature range for the NGK spark plug is 11, while the temperature range for the Autolite spark plug is 32.

How hot and how cold temperatures a spark plug can withstand depends on its temperature range. Because most spark plugs can easily withstand low temperatures, we have only given the higher temperature range.


For some users, the cost is another important factor when choosing the spark plug. The Autolite spark plugs are slightly cheaper than the NGK spark plugs. Both of the spark plugs are available in a pack of 4 plugs.

Similarities Between NGK Vs Autolite

Top Material

Nickel is the primary component of both Autolite and NGK spark plugs. Nickel is also used by NGK as its top material, despite the fact that this is not stated on the company’s official website. Because nickel is a kind of platinum, it makes the plugs incredibly durable.

The NGKand Autolite Iridium spark plugs are both extremely effective due to the usage of nickel as their top material.

Thread Pitch

The most crucial factor is the thread pitch. Both the NGK and Autolite spark plugs are the same in this regard.

The thread pitch on both is 1.25 mm. The space between the two threads is ensured by the 1.25 mm thread pitch.


The thread length essentially determines the spark plug’s reach. Both spark plugs have the same reach in this aspect. The Autolite and NGK spark plugs both have a 26.5 mm reach.

Life Expectancy

When it comes to the lifespan of these 2 spark plugs, then again, they are highly comparable. Both the spark plugs have a similar life of about 40 to 50 thousand miles. However, the Autolite spark plugs will last longer due to the iridium material.

Pros and Cons of NGK Vs Autolite

NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug:

Pros: Cons:
Exceptional Longevity Pricy
Improved Mileage
Suitable for most automobiles
Superior core material

Autolite Iridium Spark Plug:

Pros: Cons:
Inexpensive Average life
Suitable for most engines
Excellent build quality
Good mileage

Which is Better: NGK Vs Autolite

The NGK Iridium and Autolite Iridium are two of the most reliable and popular spark plugs, which also offer the best value for money in the market. And both of these spark plugs are highly efficient.

You can choose the best spark plug, depending upon your budget. If you prefer reliability, then the NGK Iridium spark plug is a good option as it will last longer than the Autolite spark plug. Moreover, it has a greater life expectancy.

On the other side, if you prefer to pay less and want more value for a money spark plug, then Autolite is a better choice. Not just is the Autolite plugs cheaper, but they also have a great build quality and offer better mileage in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use the Autolite plugs in small trucks and vans?

Yes, the Autolite spark plugs are made of high-quality material. Hence, they can be used in high-performance and turbo engines.

Which material is used to protect the Autolite iridium plug?

The brand uses platinum to protect the iridium spark plug wires for maximum life.

Does the spark plug require a gap before installation?

Yes, you need to make sure that there is a little gap between the spark plug and the component.

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In short, both are great spark plugs and can be used in a wide range of vehicles such as old and new generation cars, minivans, and trucks.

Based on the comparison above, we found out that the Autolite spark plug is somewhat superior to the NGK spark plug. The Autolite spark plug comes with the laser material, while the NGK has copper as its core material which is not as durable as iridium.

The Autolite spark plug will provide you with better fuel efficiency and optimal performance in comparison to the NGK spark plug.

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