Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1: Let’s compare

Every automobile owner needs engine oil to keep the engine in the best condition, regardless of whether you own a modern car that gets you the best mileage or a luxury car that brings you the best comfort.

Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

But not every kind of engine oil can be used in a vehicle. Instead, you must do some research and choose which engine oil is appropriate for your car. Two of the most well-known engine oils that have been utilized in a variety of automobiles are Napa Synthetic and Mobil 1.

Therefore, in order to assist you in determining which engine oils are ideal for your automobile, we have compared Napa Full Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1.

Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1 Comparison

ProductsNapa Full Synthetic OilMobil 1
Engine Service10,000 Miles10,000 Miles
Oil Viscosity5w305w30
TypeUnique Blend of Premium OilAdvanced Fully Synthetic oil
LifeLonger Life5 Years
Wear ProtectionStrongExcellent
Sludge ReductionGoodExcellent
TemperatureExtreme High & Low TemperaturesFoster Rapid Delivery at high and low-temperature
Oil StandardsAPI Rating SP, SN+ILSAV GF-6 Standards
Suitable Driving ConditionsToughModerate
TechnologyLubricating Oil TechnologyLubricating Oil Technology
Fuel EconomyGoodExcellent
Oil FlowEasy in ColdEasy in Cold
Engine SuitabilityAll typesGasoline and Diesel Engine
Compatible Vehicles2008 F-350, Toyota Solara 2006, and moreToyota Acura, Chevrolet Cobalt H2009, and more
Pricing$30 to $40$30 to $40
ManufacturerValvolineMobil Oil

Difference Between Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

Oil Type

The Napa Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1 are of different types. The Napa oil is made up of a unique blend of premium oils, while the Mobil 1 is made up of advanced additives and a fully synthetic base. However, this difference should not be a deal breaker.

Oil Life

Apart from the type, both of these engine oils have different life expectancies. For instance, the Napa Full Synthetic oil offers a long life (not mentioned by the manufacturer) while the Mobil 1 offers a 5-year long life.


When it comes to temperature handling, both are slightly different. The Napa synthetic oil can handle extremely low and high temperatures. While the Mobil 1 offers great performance at high and low temperatures.

It basically means that they are similar due to their oil viscosity, but the temperature range can vary depending upon the vehicle, engine, and climate conditions.

Oil Standards

Oil standards should be taken into account quite seriously before making the final choice. The Napa oil has been certified with the API Rating SP and SN+. On the other side, Mobil 1 has ILSAV GF-6 certification.

Sludge Reduction

Sludge can cause engine wear and decrease engine performance. If you notice an increase in engine noise and vibration, your oil may be contaminated by sludge.

Mobil 1 and Napa oil are both synthetic oil that has been formulated with a sludge reduction agent to help prevent the formation of sludge.

However, Napa synthetic oil comes with premium additives for sludge reduction, which is why it performs well in reducing sludge in comparison to Mobil 1.

Suitable Driving Conditions

The Napa oil is suitable for driving in tough weather conditions, while the Mobil 1 is ideal for driving in moderate weather conditions. To get the best performance, road conditions should also be taken into account.

Fuel Economy

While both manufacturers don’t mention specific numbers for fuel economy, by conducting various tests, it has been found that the Mobil 1 has a better fuel economy than the Napa oil. This is because it uses quality additives which makes doesn’t impact the fuel economy.


When it comes to resistance, Napa oil offers a higher resistance than Mobil 1. The Napa has been tested for higher resistance which is not good for the engine, as it may reduce the performance.

However, you don’t have to worry about the resistance, especially if you have a Ford 2008 F-350, because, with pickup trucks and cars, there is a very slight resistance. Napa oil offers higher resistance with only some specific engines or vehicles.

On the other hand, the Mobil 1 offers very slight resistance with all engines. Mobil 1 is better in terms of resistance.

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Engine Compatibility

Both engine oils are compatible with different types of engines. For instance, the Napa synthetic oil is compatible with all types of engines like Petrol, Diesel, and Gasoline.

On the other side, the Mobil 1 is only compatible with Gasoline and Diesel engines. You need to ensure that the engine oil is compatible with your engine, or else your engine will perform poorly.

Vehicle Compatibility

When it comes to vehicle compatibility, both engine oils are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, especially old ones. The Napa oil is compatible with the Toyota Solara 2006, 2008 F-350, and more. On the flip side, the Mobil 1 is compatible with Toyota Acura, Chevrolet Cobalt H2009, and more.


Last but not least, the manufacturers of these two oils are different. Napa oil is manufactured by the Valvoline brand, which is very popular in different European countries. On the other hand, the Mobile 1 is developed by Mobil Oil corporation, which is popular worldwide for its series of automobile products.

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Pros and Cons of Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

Napa Full Synthetic Oil:

Compatible with all engine typesAverage fuel economy
Suitable for tough conditionsPoor protection against wear
Better sludge reduction 
Great oil life 

Mobil 1:

Excellent fuel economyNot compatible with petrol engines
Better wear protection 
Less friction and resistance 
Suitable for cold start-ups 

Which is Better: Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1?

While both of these oil performances are similar in different terms, the winner here is Mobil 1. The Mobil 1 is available worldwide and can be purchased at the bare minimum cost.

The best part about the Mobil 1 is its protection against wear and tear. Not just it has better protection, but it also offers less friction which allows the engine components to move freely. On the other side, the Napa Full Synthetic Oil is better if you want longer oil life.


To sum up, this was all about the comparison of Napa Full Synthetic Oil Vs. Mobil 1. Both are advanced engine oils that are suitable to use in cold weather conditions.

Hopefully, you will be able to choose between these two engine oils as per your needs. Depending on your vehicle and engine type, you can choose these two oils. Both will work perfectly fine in most situations, and you won’t have an issue with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do these engine oils remove deposits from the engine?

Yes, both of these engine oils remove deposits and keep your engine safe.

Do these engine oils contain any kind of toxins?

No, both of these engine oils are free from all types of toxins.

Which oil has a better oxidation state and stability?

Mobil 1 has a better oxidation state and stability.

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