Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner: Which one is best?

To protect your vehicle from harmful weather conditions, you need to use a car coating that can protect the car. Many car owners prefer to use the after-market spray to protect their vehicles from harsh weather conditions.

Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner

The Monstaliner and Raptor Liner are the two most popular and reliable after-market coating sprays that you can use to protect your car and protect the surface of the vehicle.

Both the Monstaliner and Raptor Liner are premium coatings that come with a liquid polymer which creates highly durable and long-lasting protection. If you are confused about which is a better coating for your automobile, then you can check out our comparison of Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner below.

What is Monstaliner?

Monstaliner is a coating that protects your floors from damage. It also helps to keep them clean and looking beautiful.

Monstaliner can be used on almost any type of surface, including hardwood, tile, linoleum, carpeting, vinyl, and more. It is a super-fast, extremely water-resistant coating that keeps spills and stains from reaching the underlying surface.

What is Raptor Liner?

Raptor Liner is a great product for you if you have a truck, camper van, or other high-end work vehicles. Raptor Liner is a coating spray that keeps the surface of your car clean and scratch-free.

The Raptor Liner comes with a spray form and is available in a mixing cup, hardner, and base form. The Raptor Liner is a 10x tough Bedliner than other standard bed liners. It is not just compatible with vehicles, but it can also be applied to metal, plastic, wood, and concrete surface.

Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner Comparison

Monstaliner Raptor Liner
Components Urethane Polymers Urethane Polymers
Density 1.14 1.16
Flash Point 108 degree Fahrenheit 108 degree Fahrenheit
Toughness 10x tough Tough Texture surface
Touch dry One hour 3 to 5 hours
Usage With brush and roller Roll on Bed liner
Coverage 125 sq ft per gallon 60 sq ft per gallon
Flexibility Superb Top-notch
Color Options Only Black Multiple Color Options
Second Coating Time After One hour Within One Hour
Compatible Vehicles Trucks, Jeeps, Cars, and Tractors Jeep and Pickup Trucks

Similarities Between Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner

Build Quality

Build quality is an important factor to consider while buying a spray coating. Both the bed liners use high-grade components to make them extremely durable and robust, so you don’t have to worry about the surface protection of your car.

Both the Monstaliner and Raptor Liner come with urethane polymers as one of their major components, making them extremely strong and flexible at the same time.

The urethane polymers allow them to be flexible while handling extreme pressure and still remaining intact in position. This means that your vehicle is protected even from the harsh weather conditions along with bad crashes.

On top of everything else, both bed liners are durable and resistant to UV rays that can damage your car surface badly. Both of these bad liners will not let the color of your car fade over time, as they are known for their durability.

Bedliners Hardness

Both of these bed liners offer an excellent layer of protection to your car as they both are made up of hard materials. Not just are these bed liners capable of protecting your car, but also they can protect your vehicle from a variety of conditions.

For instance, both of the bed liners can protect your vehicle against dents and scuffs. Also, they can resist the dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants that can damage your car surface in a bad manner over time.


The Monstaliner and Raptor Liner are heavy-duty protectors that are smooth and gentle on your car’s surface. Both the bed liners offer a thick coating that resists a lot of bad particles in the air.

Moreover, bad weather, which can peel off the paint of your car over time, can be resisted with these thick coating sprays.

Certain weather conditions can also have a chemical reaction to your car’s surface, but when these liners are applied, you don’t have to worry about the chemical reaction which happens over time.

Liner Aesthetics

The aesthetic is one of the major factors that you need to consider, especially if you are a jeep owner. Both the Monstaliner and Raptor liners are premium grade liners that are very easy to use and also offer a better finish along with a neat and tidy look.

On top of that, for better aesthetics, both the Monstaliner and Raptor liner offers a smooth-to-touch finish that feels premium while noticed closely.

Moreover, it also depends upon the color of the coating that you choose to have better aesthetics. For instance, the dark-colored coating gets you better protection against harmful UV rays, dents, and wear and tear. Both of these liners are great for jeeps and small trucks.

Flash Points

Both Monstaliner and Raptor Liner have a flash point of 108°F. This means the material will not combust until it reaches 108°F, at which point it begins to burn. The ignition temperature for both of these materials is about 10% lower than their flash points.

Difference Between Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner


The sole difference between the Monstaliner and the Raptor Liner is their packaging. Both the products come in different packaging. Both bed liners have strong packaging.

The Raptor Liner has robust packaging that comes with spray guns, liner, and hardener. The Raptor liner also has a brush included within the box. The packaging of Raptor Liner is a great choice for customers who want to get started as they get the product in hand.

On top of that, the Raptor Liner also reduces waste after every use, and it is more environmentally friendly.

On the flip side, the Monstaliner comes in simple but strong packaging as well. The box of Monstaliner contains some basic tools and a liner. However, you will have to purchase some basic tools and hardener after-market as it is not available in the box.

Compatible Vehicles

Vehicle compatibility is one of the most important considerations to take into account. Both of these liners are not only good for protecting the exterior surface, but they can also protect the interior of your car, bus, truck, jeep, and other automobiles.

The Monstaliner is most compatible with vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, cars, and tractors. On the other hand, the Raptor Liner is most suitable for Jeeps and Pickup trucks.


The density of a space is determined by the amount of material within it. Monstaliner and Raptor Liner have different densities. Monstaliner has a density of 1.14, while the Raptor Liner comes with a Density of 1.16.

The Raptor Liner can easily withstand moisture and heat and is specifically designed for harsh conditions and high temperatures. On the other hand, the Monstaliner can also withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions, but not as high as the Raptor liner.


Raptor Liner is a stronger liner than Monstaliner. It has a higher density than Monstaliner, which means that it is more resistant to impact and abrasion.

To be precise, the toughness of the Monstaliner is 10x as claimed by the brand. On the other hand, the Raptor liner claims to have a tough texture surface, and it doesn’t claim specific numbers when it comes to toughness. However, as per the testings, both of the liners are extremely tough.

Touch Dry

Both Monstaliner and Raptor liner is a great way to protect your car’s surface. You need to consider the Touch Dry factor before buying a liner for your vehicle.

Touch Dry means the time you can touch the surface of your car after applying the liner. To be specific, the Monstaliner can become dry within one hour after you apply it, and then you can touch the surface of the car.

On the other side, the Raptor Liner takes more time to become dry. This is because the Raptor Liner is slightly thicker and has a higher density than the Monstaliner. The Raptor Liner takes about 3 to 5 hours to become dry, and then you can touch the surface of the car.

Coverage Area

The Monstaliner comes with a coverage area of 125 sq ft per gallon. On the other side, the Raptor Liner can only cover about 60 sq ft per gallon, which is a major drawback of Raptor Liner.

Second Coating Time

Most of the users prefer to do multiple coatings, which is a good thing to get extra protection for your car. When it comes to the second coating time, then you can apply it after one hour if you use the Monstaliner, whereas you can use Raptor Liner within one-liner of the first coating.

Pros and Cons of Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner


Pros Cons
Takes less time to apply a second coat Low density
Dries up quickly
Greater coverage area
One hour touch dry

Raptor Liner:

Pros Cons
High density 3 to 5 hours touch dry time
Better protection
Compatible with Pick up Trucks and Jeeps
Great Adhesion

Which is Best: Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner?

The Raptor Liner is a better option in comparison to the Monstaliner coating. This is because the Raptor Liner is a thick coating and comes with a higher density which offers better protection not only against the weather conditions but also against dents and scuffs.

On top of that, the Raptor Liner is compatible with most of the vehicle and also have better aesthetics in comparison to the Monstaliner. The Raptor liner is compatible with Trucks, Jeeps, Cars, and Tractors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which liner comes off easily: Monstaliner Vs Raptor Liner?

The Monstaliner comes off easily due to its low density.

How much coating is required to spray a small truck?

You will need approximately 2 or 3 quarts of spray to cover the complete truck. Moreover, it also depends upon the size of the truck.

Do you need to mix the coatings with other substances?

Well, it depends upon you. If you want, you can mix them with other hardeners, which is an optional step while applying the coating on the vehicle.

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Based on the comparison above, you can choose the best liner as per your requirements, use, and vehicle compatibility. Moreover, you also need to consider the price point of both liners, especially if you are on a tight budget.

The Raptor Liner is a better choice if you don’t want to apply the coating soon. Because the Raptor Liner will last longer than the Monstaliner, and also it is much more durable and offers better aesthetics and compatibility.


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