Mobil super vs Mobil 1: Comparison, review & features

There are several different motor oil grades available from Mobil. The two most common types are Mobil 1 Synthetic and Mobil Super, sometimes referred to as Mobil oil.

The two kinds of oil will be compared in this post, along with the performance you may expect from using them in your car or truck. 

Mobil super vs Mobil 1

These two synthetic oils each perform well in their respective fields. These entirely synthetic lubricants shield the engine against wear, tear, and deposit formation.

These two oils differ from one another despite some of their similarities. Here, we provide you with further details on these two oils.

Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic oils include the newest additive and base oil technologies for excellent performance and safety, which is the fundamental distinction between Mobil Super and Mobil 1.

Comparable to other synthetic lubricants on the market, Mobil Super is a synthetic oil that offers performance.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Key differences

Mobil super Mobil 1
Mobil Super Increases Engine Life. Performs better than standard high mileage oils
It Provides Sludge Protection And Wears Exceptional Wear Protection And Lubrication Throughout
API SN/Resource Conserving certification


Mobil 1 High Mileage Complies with ILSAC GF-6 Requirements
Suitable For Light Commercial Trucks And Gasoline Cars Exxonmobil Recommends This For All Types Of Modern Vehicles


lubricates and provides wear defense


Increasing the lifetime


Additives that reduce friction


Reduce deposits and sludge
Affordable to all customer


It is very costly as compared to other oils


Great for vehicles with over 75,000 miles


Manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 15,000 miles


Compatible with vans, and high-performance turbocharged engines Guards against internal engine heat


Extends the life of the engine supports all automobiles with a gasoline engine.
It resists stains and holds up nicely over time. Beats regular oils for heavy-duty use.
Helps in the removal of deposits and sludge


The overall level of lubrication and wear prevention is really good.


 Mobil super review

A blend of conventional and synthetic oils, Mobil Super fuel oil is intended to extend the life of engines having more than 75,000 miles on them.

With special chemicals, it guards against engine wear, rust, and sludge and enhances viscosity in a range of conditions and temperatures, even at low temperatures. Additionally, a seal conditioner is included to assist prevent leaks and save money on fuel.

To increase the lifespan of the engines, Mobil Super is prolonged. It offers defense against muck from vehicles.

Again, many automobile owners select Mobil super synthetic because of its additional defensive advantages. This oil was mentioned by several users as the game-changer.

Some great features of Mobil super

  1. Combination of synthetic oils

Mobil Super makes an attempt to achieve the goal of extending engine life. And certainly, using this oil may extend an engine’s lifetime by at least 75,000 miles.

2.Effective Resistance for Oil Degradation

Mobil Super is a fully synthetic oil, as we all know. It serves as a safeguard against oil breakdown. Naturally, high temperatures may cause the gasoline filter to rupture or deteriorate. This is the fundamental concept that applies across all systems.

3.Defends Against Engine Rust

Superb engine corrosion prevention is yet another benefit of Mobil Super. With efficiency compounds, this gasoline may mitigate the negative effects of rust, corrosion, and sludge. Once again, Mobil Super may increase oil viscosity in a variety of climates, particularly when the outside air is exceptionally cold or warm.

4.Can be used in all types of automobiles

One advantage of using Mobil super over other fuels is that it is widely available. This oil is compatible with practically all vehicles. The oil is suitable for use in vans, SUVs, trucks, twin-turbo engines, and private automobiles.

Mobil super disadvantages

  1. Counterfeit

This oil’s lack of market counterfeiting was its second drawback. Finding authentic Mobil Super Oil is difficult. Similarly, Mobil’s synthetic oil is often distributed in tiny, subpar cans. Those cans contain tacky, flimsy-looking stickers that suggest the product isn’t genuine.

2. Incompatible with older engines

Use of Mobil super oil in outdated or damaged engines is not advised. The use of ancient or rather old engines with high mileage is strictly prohibited. If you use these lubricants, they will wash the impurities from the cylinders’ microcracks away. Generally, this lubricant won’t perform well on older motors since it is designed for modern engines.

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Mobil 1 review

One of the most well-known and renowned companies in the automobile sector, Mobile 1 has been operating for more than a decade.

The Mobil 1 extended capacity synthetic motor oil is intended to last longer between oil changes, as the name suggests. At least 10,000 miles will pass before the fuel has to be replaced.

Sludge has no chance against this chemical since it is wholly synthetic in nature.

Therefore, you wouldn’t have an issue with deposits. If you utilize this product, think about how much longer your engine would survive.

Your fuel efficiency will increase. Give this motor oil a try since you already know how pleasant it will be to save some money at the petrol station.

There won’t be any regret at all.

Some great features of Mobil 1

  1. Reduced Engine degradation

For those seeking superior products, Mobil 1 is a superb choice. Although the oil is more costly than other synthetic oils, we are aware of its higher reliability. This car has received a ton of favorable comments, which shows that it is well worth the price. It didn’t harm the engine either.

2.Increase Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of this totally synthetic oil is good. This implies that once you use this motor oil, wherever you are, you might save a significant sum of money each time.

3.Guaranteed engine performance.

All components of the engine will be hydrated and shielded from rust by this synthetic car oil. They provide corrosion resistance. However, the product is still kept because of its viscosity. Unlike other lubricants, the Mobil-1 is guaranteed to operate at maximum engine efficiency.

4.Easy oil change

Changing the gasoline in Mobil 1 didn’t involve any effort or worry. You could come across several, irritating cases of changing the oil. It is quite simple and quick to deploy Mobil 1. You’ll save additional expenses by doing this. You may also suggest this oil to your loved ones for the greatest outcomes.

5.Recommended for wide range of vehicles

This oil’s facts are among its greatest qualities. It can be used on the majority of autos since it is a basic oil.  Lexus, Renault, Toyota, Subaru, and other automakers are among those whose cars can use this fuel.

Mobil 1 disadvantages

  1. Expensive than other oils

This is not the least costly synthetic motor oil available, as we have already said. So, if money is truly limited, choose less expensive brands. As a result, the product’s price is solely determined by the vendor. Therefore, be careful to get estimates from many suppliers. Additionally, it will ensure that you are receiving the greatest offer

2.Less oil change frequency

The manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 15,000 miles. Anyone may find this to be prohibitively pricey. In addition, no guarantee was provided here. Some customers still like this oil, nevertheless, because of its superior efficacy and mileage. After all, they produced goods to support the idea that suffering is preferable to apologizing.

Detailed comparison of Mobil super vs Mobil 1

Both oils have several characteristics in common. But they shouldn’t be compared to one another. They vary in a number of ways, making them ideal for their particular engines.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Additive components

A combination of high-performance base oils and additives are used to make Mobil 1, a fully synthetic motor oil. Additionally free of impurities, Mobil 1 makes sure the engine keeps its right form.

Additionally, Mobil Super Oil is made up completely of synthetic components. It has been created especially for cars that want to migrate from conventional to synthetic motor oil. Mobil Super extends the life of engines and offers 1.5 times as much protection as regular lubricants.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Engine performance

The three main causes of engine stress Impurities, friction, and heat are avoided with Mobil 1, a totally synthetic motor oil that safeguards your engine. The only premium totally synthetic oil that has been produced with several long-lasting anti-wear ingredients.

For your engine to continue operating at its best, you want that level of protection. Under challenging driving conditions, Mobil 1 full synthetic oil offers excellent high-temperature resistance.

Additionally, Mobil super motor oil meets the performance requirements of almost all normally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged automobile engines.

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Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Protection against Extreme Temperatures

Mobil 1 prevents breakdowns in low and high temperatures. It has a broad range of temperatures that are appropriate for every circumstance. If it’s chilly or humid outside, this oil should flow steadily.

It is perfect for quick cold-weather starts since it maintains flow at – 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the absence of fuel, the engine won’t freeze up or feel friction.

Additionally heat-resistant is the Mobil 1. In hot temperatures, this oil won’t thin down and will continue to effectively lubricate moving parts. This oil can withstand a broad variety of temperatures.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Full Synthetic Oil Type

Because complete synthetic oils perform better than any other oil type in every way, they are increasingly popular and utilized on most modern automobile models.

Additionally, they are quickly evolving to be compatible with practically any fuel and engine type. The price premium over other kinds of oil is the sole negative aspect. Due to its comprehensive research and development department’s dedication to improving the quality and functionality of its full synthetic oils, Mobil 1 outperforms Mobil super in this area. It’s clear from their product selection.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Conventional Oil Type

Even if you have an older vehicle with a well-preserved engine, you cannot switch to other kinds of oil since it might compromise the already delicate condition. The majority of automobiles with older engines still use standard motor oils. You are forced to continue using standard motor oil, which employs only pure petroleum components and sporadic performance-enhancing additives.

Even while standard oils don’t provide much lubrication, one benefit is that they are inexpensive. The only option for conventional oils is Mobil super. Mobil 1 doesn’t provide any products for older engines, as was already noted.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Engine Wear resistance

The primary purpose of anti-wear additives is to prevent friction from metal-to-metal collision and to lessen wear. They do this by adhering to the metal surface and creating an oil surface that serves as a border between the metal components. A more concentrated form of these guarantees a more durable oil layer surrounding metal components.

In the race to prevent wear, Mobil 1 is beaten by its rival. Only molybdenum is present in larger concentrations, but Mobil super has higher concentrations of the other anti-wear compounds. Additionally, it has a unique titanium anti-wear component, which significantly improves its ability to reduce wear.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Reduction of sludge accumulation

The oxidation of the engine oil’s constituents at the high temperature that the engine’s operating environment delivers is another method that may be hazardous to your engine. Here, the coolant does more damage than good. It creates thick sludge when combined with the molecules of oxidized carbon.

The Mobil 1 fuel economy contains more detergents overall, with the exception of sodium, but it is still quite good in reducing sludge buildup. The same goes with Mobil Super, which promises strong defense against sludge buildup. However, as a result, the precise figures for its protection have not been given.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Performance of Catalytic Converters

Compounds that are heavy make up oils. They do not readily burn off. However, a significant proportion of the oil’s vapors may form since it must endure rather high temperatures, which might harm the catalytic converter you just installed. Phosphorus is one of the oil ingredients that turns out to be the most harmful to the catalytic converters.

Phosphorus level in Mobil Super engine oil is up to 0.05 percent. Inevitably, phosphorus will be present in the oils. even in those that are entirely manufactured. However, if the phosphorus content of the oils is managed and reduced to this level, it won’t do any damage.

Testing revealed that just a small portion of each oil’s mass is incombustible; as a result, both oils are classified identically in terms of incombustible material. However, the total amounts of zinc and phosphorus were discovered to be higher in Mobil super, thus when burned, it would produce more ash. This means that the catalytic converter’s performance will be significantly hampered. 

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Engine cleaning

Wear and tear is often created during combustion. However, synthetic oils like Mobil 1 and Mobil Super are available to support the vehicle. One of its key components is a cleaning engine.

Any dirt, sludge, and other impurities that develop and accumulate in the engine are cleaned by both Mobil Super and Mobil 1 synthetic oils. They are so thoroughly cleaned that you need not even be concerned about blocked engine deposits.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Viscosity Comparison

It tested higher for density in Mobil 1 Fuel Economy, indicating that its density will aid it in obtaining superior kinematic viscosity. Fuel Economy has a small advantage at 40 degrees Celsius, and this advantage is still held by this oil at the 100-degree Celsius point. This aids in achieving a higher viscosity index since the temperature variations had less of an impact on the kinematic viscosity.

However, Mobil Super provides these viscosities: 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-30, and 5W-40. This indicates that although its viscosity is 5 in the winter, it may increase to 30 or 40 when the temperature increases, depending on the kind of oil you choose.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Oil burn off protection

Fast starts in cold weather and extended engine life are promised by Mobil 1 improved fuel efficiency. This has a direct bearing on preventing oil burn off. As a result of the hot engines, there is a greater likelihood that oil droplets may evaporate, shortening the oil’s lifespan.

Additionally, the engine deposits are reduced, which prevents the engine from losing performance.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – Oil change frequency

The oil itself is mostly responsible for restoring the engine’s finest lubricating abilities. With only one dosage, the engine can operate longer thanks to the burn-off prevention and capacity to repair minor flaws.

Mobil super that have traveled up to 75000 miles may be kept lubricated using oil. It works invisibly on the already worn-out engine while protecting it from additional harm. Up to 10,000 miles after installation, you won’t need to replace it.

Mobil 1 claims to protect engines for up to 15000 miles. This implies that you may unwind for a little longer after your engines are running on oil. Clearly Mobil super gives better efficiency to oil change as compared to Mobil 1.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1 – What users say about these to oils

It is an economic oil that satisfies or surpasses all customer expectations in terms of product specifics, ease of use, dependability, value for money, and lifespan.

Additionally, there are several engine lubricants available that provide unparalleled levels of protection and a generally smooth driving experience. To ensure that there is enough oil present, you must frequently check the oil level.

Follow the recommended oil change interval in your owner’s manual or the oil life sensor on your automobile.

It’s impossible to ignore Mobil super motor oil since it’s smoother than regular oil. It makes engine operation quicker and more efficient, which results in greater horsepower and better gas economy. Rapid oil change services and auto parts retailers carry synthetic oils with ease. Also improbable are inadequate lubrication or heat failures.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Our recommendation

We will recommended the mobil 1 for this word. The oil formula for Mobil 1 is thicker and has a lower viscosity. Again, they equally protect all of the engine components.

The proprietary anti-aging technology in Mobile 1 motor oil has been demonstrated to increase the oil’s lifespan and stop it from degrading. In the meantime, they work as part-time workers to preserve the durability of the engines while Mobil 1 works to increase the durability of the engines as well as other crucial components and functions.

The Mobil Super, on the other hand, is a great example of how to speed up your performance. The typical qualities of Mobil Super and Mobil 1 come from being a part of a recognized brand. But Mobil 1 wins against Mobil Super in the final matchup.

Some frequently asked questions on Mobil super vs Mobil 1

Is Mobil Super Good Oil?

The company’s website claims that it is the greatest oil your engine has ever tasted. They also assert that Mobil Super keeps your engine walls coated, increases the durability of your engine oil, and increases fuel efficiency.

Is Mobil Super Fully Synthetic?

The company website claims that utilizing Mobil Super is a superior strategy for extending the life of your engine since it is 100% synthetic. By responding to certain crucial inquiries, we’ll examine the validity of these assertions.

Is Mobil super better than Mobil 1?

Although Mobil Super has undoubtedly enhanced its composition in the new super variety, we don’t believe you’ll need to switch right away. Let the Mobil 1 rest in your automobile if it works well for you. The information we provided above is meant to assist you in making an educated choice and maintain the condition of your vehicle.

Mobil super vs Mobil 1  – Final verdict

No matter which parameter you choose to compare Mobil super and Mobil 1, there is no question that they are two of the finest motor oil brands available.

However, no one brand can provide the ideal answer to every issue, so before deciding between Mobil super and Mobil 1, you must consider what you want to gain from the product.

In general, Mobil 1 is an excellent choice if you want a vehicle that runs smoothly and lasts a long time regardless of its age and condition. On the other hand, Mobil super is a great option if you want to maintain the engine in your vehicle in top shape and if you are looking for high performance.

But the decision is totally yours. you should check the requirements and choose the perfect one according to your needs. I hope this article is sufficient to solve all your questions.

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