LS3 vs LS6 Engine: What’s the difference?

One of the most popular and refined engines for luxury vehicles is the LS engine. All the LS engines are made by General Motors, and if you are willing to get a vehicle with an LS engine, then you probably heard about the LS3 or LS6 engines.

LS3 vs LS6 Engine

The LS3 and LS6 are two of the high-rated luxury engines for luxury as well as sports cars. Below we have shared complete information about the LS3 Vs LS6 engines. So, you can have an idea of what you should pick while getting your new luxury or sports car.

What is the LS3 Engine?

An LS3 engine is a 6.2L V8 engine that is used in high-performance vehicles, including the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and CTS-V. Chevy Silverado and Suburban were among the first vehicles to use it in 2014.

The LS3 engine is built with a bore of 3.62 inches and a stroke of 4.70 inches, which is larger than its predecessor, the LS1.

Additionally, the LS3 is comprised of six individual cylinder heads that are mounted on an aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners that have porting for each head’s intake valves and exhaust valves.

These features allow for increased airflow at high RPMs without sacrificing power output or fuel efficiency compared to previous versions of this engine family.

What is an LS6 Engine?

An LS6 Engine is a small-block V8 with a 6-cylinder. It was introduced in 2004 and has been used in many vehicles since then. The engine is made with aluminum blocks, which makes it lighter than some other engines on the market.

The name comes from its displacement of 6 liters, which is the same as six cylinders and six pistons per cylinder. Despite its age, this engine has been around for decades, and it is still a popular choice for performance vehicles today.

The LS6’s design makes it an ideal choice for racing applications like drag racing or drifting because it allows more room for developing more power while maintaining a high level of control over your vehicle’s handling abilities.

LS3 Vs LS6 Comparison

LS3 Engine LS6 Engine
Max RPM 6600 RPM 6500 RPM
Reluctor Wheel 58x 24x
Camshaft Sensor Front Mount Red Mount
Bore X Stroke 103.25 x 92 mm 98.8 x 91.44 mm
Crankshaft Cast Forged
Compression Ratio 10.7:1 10.5:1
Connecting Rods Forged Metal Forged Metal
Cylinder Heads Aluminum Aluminum
Horsepower Rating 430 to 415 385 to 405
Torque Rating 420 to 428 ft/lbs 385 to 400 ft/lbs
Displacement 6.2 L 5.7 L
Piston Style Flat Top Flat Top
Piston Volume 0 cc 0 cc
Exhaust Runner Volume 87 cc 75 cc
Fuel System Sequential Fuel Injection Sequential Fuel Injection
Fuel Type Premium fuel Premium Fuel
Valve Per Cylinder 2 2
Rocker Offset Intake Rocker Intake Rocker
Valve Angle 15 degrees 15 degrees
Throttle Body 90 mm, 4 – Bolt, Gold Blade 78 mm, 3 – bolt
Fuel Injector Flow 42 lbs 30 lbs
PCM E38 Warren

Difference Between LS3 Vs LS6

Vehicle Applications

The LS3 and LS6 engines are designed for different vehicles, which is the first and most important difference. For instance, the LS3 engines were mainly designed for the Corvette/Camaro models of Chevrolet cars. Some models of the LS3-supported engines are Chevrolet Corvette, Pontiac G8 GXP, Camaro SS, SS, and Corvette Grand Sport.

On the other hand, the LS6 engines were solely designed for two supercars. The first supercar is the first generation Cadillac CTS-V, and the other one is C5-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06.


The other major difference between the LS3 and LS6 engines is their speed. The LS3 is slightly faster than the LS6 engines. The LS3 is a faster engine as it possesses more horsepower than the LS6 engine.

The LS3 engine has a horsepower rating of around 430 to 415, while the LS6 has a horsepower rating of about 385 to 405.

When it comes to the maximum speed of both engines, then the LS3 can go as high as 190 miles per hour. In contrast, the LS6 engines can go up to 162 miles per hour at their maximum speed.

The time duration to achieve the maximum power differs in both engines. The LS3 can achieve a speed of about 60 mph within 3.1 seconds, while the LS6 takes about 6 seconds of time to achieve 60 mph speed.


The durability of the engines should be considered when choosing between the LS3 Vs. LS6 engines. The durability of the engine can be compared by the total distance driven.

The LS6 engines are better in terms of durability in comparison to the LS3 engines. Though the LS3 engine is a high horsepower and speed engine, it doesn’t have the same durability as LS6 engines.

The LS6 engine lasts around 150 to 200 k miles with proper and frequent maintenance. While the LS3 engines with more horsepower only last about 100 K miles which are significantly lower in comparison to LS6 engines.

However, for both engines, you need to do proper and regular maintenance in order to sustain them for a long period. Without changing the fuel regularly or taking care of the engines, both engines won’t last long.

Fuel Efficiency

From a buyer’s perspective, mileage is one of the most important factors, as the buyer doesn’t want to spend much in the long run. The mileage of your vehicle is completely dependent on the engine’s fuel efficiency.

The LS3 engines offer an average mileage of around 26 to 30 MPG. At the same time, the LS6 engine offers a slightly lower mileage of about 23 MPG, which is decent in our opinion. You can also improve the mileage by improving your driving habits.

Intake Runner Volume

The combustion chamber of the engine works with the intake runner volume, so it also influences the filling of the chamber during the intake stroke. The RPM of the engine directly influences the intake runner volume, and it is measured in cc.

The intake runner volume of the LS6 engine is around 210 cc. In comparison, the LS3 engine has an intake runner volume of 257 cc. Hence the RPM value of the LS3 engine is slightly greater than the LS6 engine.

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Nothing is more important than the piercing of these two engines. Everything depends upon the affordability of the engines.

When it comes to the cost, then the LS6 engine costs around $1050, whereas an LS engine costs around $8000, which is much more. In the end, you cannot only rely on the features of the engine, but the price is a huge factor as well.

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Similarities Between LS3 Vs LS6

The Architecture

The LS3 and LS6 engines are both based on the same architecture. Both engines are based on the architecture of the LS1 engine, which was the first engine produced by General Motors. Not only that, but both engines offer similar customization and use.


Another similarity between the LS3 and LS6 engines is their performance. Both of these engines are high performing as they are equipped with superior capacity and components.

Connecting Rods

Both engines are equipped with high-quality connecting rods, which offer superior performance. Both engines have forged metal connecting rods which are significantly better than regular connecting rods.

Cylinder Heads

The Cylinder head is an important consideration when selecting between these two engines. Both engines come with aluminum cylinder heads, which are not as durable as other metal cylinder heads.

Piston Style

When it comes to the piston style of LS3 and LS6 engines, then both the engine have a flat top piston style. The flat-top pistons are the best ones that offer the most efficient combustion efficiency.

Fuel Type

When it comes to the fuel type, both engine uses the same type of fuel which is premium fuel. But you can also use normal fuel in both engines.


Pros and Cons of LS3 Vs LS6

LS3 Engine:

Pros Cons
Better fuel economy On the expensive side
High intake runner volume
Improved fuel efficiency
Excellent speed

LS6 Engine:

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing Low fuel economy
Decent speed and performance
Excellent durability
Flat top piston style

Which is Better: LS3 Vs LS6?

The LS3 is a better option than the LS6 engine due to its better features and efficiency on the roads. However, our advice would be to choose the LS6 engine as it offers better value for your money.

The LS6 engine comes at a reasonable price and also offers decent performance and speed. On top of that, the LS6 engine is much more durable and lasts up to 200 thousand miles with regular maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of Piston is best for LS engines?

The forged pistons are one of the best and strongest pistons on the market.

Is an LS3 engine the same as an LS7 engine?

The LS3 engine was launched later in 2014 for the LS6 engine. So the newer the engine, the better the performance would be.

Which is the best LS engine?

The LS3 is known to be the best and most reliable engine. However, there is a newer version of the LS6 engine, which is slightly better than the old LS3 version.


To sum up, both engines are highly efficient and effective on roads and also compatible with a wide range of vehicles. However, both engines are suitable for different individuals.

For instance, the LS3 is a much more expensive engine, and it is suitable for those who want better performance, speed, and mileage. However, if you are tight on the budget, then the LS6 engine would be an ideal choice.


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