Laser Iridium Vs Iridium: Which is better?

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium

The difference between a standard spark plug and an Iridium spark plug is larger than the average user would imagine. Depending on the engine capacity of the vehicle, you must pick between a standard spark plug and an Iridium spark plug. If you know the actual difference, you would never use a regular spark plug and would always use an Iridium plug.

When it comes to spark plugs, NGK Laser Iridium ix and Autolite Iridium ix are two market leaders. They both have excellent features when compared to a standard spark copper plugs. But deciding between these two is difficult. Thus, the Laser Iridium Vs Iridium guide will help you in selecting the ideal one for your needs.

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Comparison

Instead of platinum, Laser Iridium spark plug are constructed of iridium metal. These plugs are intended for use in gasoline engines and are also known as long-life spark plugs.

NGK manufactures the laser iridium spark plug, while Autolite manufactures the Iridium Spark Plug. The following is a comparison of Laser Iridium vs Iridiums Spark plug:

Product Laser Iridium Iridium
Brand NGK Autolite
Core Material Iridium Iridium
Top Material Nickel Nickel
Life Expectancy 80 to 100 Thousand Miles 40 to 50 Thousand Miles
Melting Point 700 Degree Celsium 700 Degree Celsium
Thread Size 14 mm 14 mm
Thread Pitch 1.25 mm 1.25 mm
Gap 0.8 mm 0.05 inch or 1.3 mm
Reach Upto 26.5 mm Upto 26.5 mm
Heat Range 6 32

Difference Between Iridium Vs Laser Iridium

Iridium and Laser are two types of ngk spark plugs used in modern vehicles. Both have unique specifications and capabilities, and they’re both high-performance spark plugs with long lifespans. NGK manufactures the Laser ngk Iridium ix whereas Autolite manufactures the Iridium Spark Plus.

Both are compatible with the majority of engines on the market today. They do, however, have certain differences, which are described below:


Both Iridium spark plug are from a different manufacturer. The Laser Iridium is manufactured by NGL, a well-known brand in the industry. The Iridium spark plug, on the other hand, is made by Autolite, a relatively new company on the market.

Although brands are irrelevant if the product is good, some people still believe in them. As a result, they may overlook the Autolite Iridium spark plug. However, based on our testing, both are good brands that provide excellent service.

Life Expectancy

The main difference between the NGL Laser Iridium and the Autolite Iridium Spark plug is their life expectancy—while the NGL Laser has a life expectancy of 80 to 100 thousand miles, the Autolite Iridium can last up to 40 to 50 thousand miles longer than its competition.

This is a significant disadvantage for anyone wanting to purchase the Autolite Iridium spark plug. The Autolite Iridium will erupt as it approaches 40 to 50 thousand miles. If you choose this plug, it is recommended that you replace it on time.

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Core Material

The Autolite Iridium and NGK Laser Iridium spark plug both have an iridium core, the world’s rarest metal.

The NGL, on the other hand, has Laser Iridium, which is a more durable coating than Iridium. The coating on an Iridium ring lasts about five years, whereas the Laser’s coating can last up to ten years.

The core substance of the two spark plugs creates a significant difference in life expectancy; this is the only reason why the NGL spark plug outlasts the Autolite spark plug.


Another factor to consider is the gap between each brand. NGL has a 0.8 mm gap, while Autolite has a 1.3 mm gap. This means that Autolite will ignite more easily than Laser Iridium, but it will also wear out faster than Laser Iridium.

Not only will the Autolite Iridium spark plug ignite quickly, but you will also want a wrench that fits the size of this plug, in order to install it without difficulty.

Heat Range

The second factor to consider is the temperature range. NGL can only withstand 6 heat ranges. However, Iridium can withstand up to 32.

This means that if you have a large heat range engine, you should use an alternative like Autolite or NGL instead of Iridium, which only supports 6 heat ranges. This makes it easier for you to decide if you want something simple or something more complicated than what other manufacturers provide.

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When it comes to the cost, both have significant differences. The NGK is more expensive, whereas the Autolite Iridium spark plug is just less expensive. People like to buy NGK since it is a well-established and trustworthy brand.

If the price of the product is important to you, we strongly advise you to go with the Autolite Spark plug. However, if you prefer reliability and brand, then NGL is a good option for you.

Moreover, if you buy them online, they come in a set of four. But you might be able to find them in a local shop in a single or two-pack.

Similarities Between Laser Iridium Vs ngk Iridium ix

While NGL Laser Iridium and Autolite Iridium have considerable differences, they also share many similarities, making them excellent competitors.

The thread size, top material, melting point, and other properties are nearly identical in both spark plugs. Here is a breakdown of the similarities:

Top Material

The top material of both the Laser Iridium and Iridium spark plugs is Nickel. Because nickel is a kind of platinum, both are extremely durable.

Because nickel spark plugs are widely used in the automotive industry, both the NGK Laser Iridium and Autolite Iridium spark plug are highly efficient.

Melting Point

The melting point of laser iridium and Iridium is 700 degrees Celsius. Both metals are known for their hardness and corrosion resistance, making them excellent for use in vehicles and other devices that must operate in harsh temperatures or situations.

Thread Size

The thread or wire on both the NGK Laser Iridium and Autolite Iridium spark plugs is the same size. Both include a 1.25 mm thick wire that is ideal for cars and other vehicles.

Both of these spark plugs are compatible with Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, and other cars. The thread is 1.25 mm in diameter and easily screws into the cylinder head and fits into your vehicle.

Thread Pitch

Apart from thread size, the thread pitch is the most important consideration. In this aspect, both the NGK Laser Iridiums and Autolite Iridium spark plug are identical.

Both have a thread pitch of 1.25 mm. The thread pitch of 1.25 mm ensures the space between the two threads.


The NGK Laser Iridiums and Autolite Iridium have the same 26.5 mm reach. The threads’ reach in a spark plug is critical because it determines the threads’ end and the spark plug’s seat.

Pros and Cons of Laser Iridium and ngk Iridium ix

NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug:

Pros: Cons:
Excellent life expectancy On the expensive side
Greater mileage
Suitable for most cars
Best quality core material


Autolite Iridium Spark Plug:

Pros: Cons:
Affordable spark plug Life expectancy is average
Suitable for most engines
Top-notch material
Decent mileage

Which is Better Value for Money: Laser Iridium or ngk Iridium ix?

The NGK Laser Iridium and Autolite Iridium spark plugs are two of the best on the market. The choice between these two is dependent on your budget and needs.

If you like to go with a brand, we recommend the NGK Laser Iridium spark plug. Not only because it is a trustworthy brand but also because the laser iridium plug outlasts the Autolite Iridium. Aside from durability, it also has a longer life expectancy and a great core material.

The Iridium, on the other hand, is slightly less expensive and has similar specs to the Laser Iridium. If you want to rely on something less expensive, the Autolite Iridium is a smart choice.

If we had to choose one, we would go with the NGK Laser Iridium because it is made of laser iridium. Furthermore, the NGK laser Iridium has a far longer life expectancy. Additionally, it is a well-known brand that provides excellent service.


When it comes to purchasing an NGK’s or an Autolite oem plugs, you must know what you want as ngk doesnt mention. Knowing the specifications of the two products of performance plug center electrode or ground electrode is essential, especially if you have a vehicle that demands a genuine dual precious metal iridium ix’s oe approved replacement product.

But, taking everything into account, if you want a device that will keep your car safe, save you money, and offer greater life expectancy to your vehicle, go with the NGK Laser Iridium for better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Autolite Iridium Spark Plug Suitable for Minivans?

Yes, you can use the Autolite Iridium plug-in minivans.

Is Platinum spark ix plugs better than Iridium?

No, ix Iridium is better than platinum spark plugs.

What is the life expectancy of iridium plugs?

Iridium plugs can last anywhere from 40 to 80 thousand miles, depending upon the brand you choose due to the platinum disc welded laser welded center electrodes

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