Flowmaster 40 vs 50: Which one should you choose?

flowmaster 40 vs 50

Supercars can sound basic because of the basic exhaust sound. But with a car flowmaster mufflers installed, you can enhance and customize the exterior sound of your vehicle as per your preferences.

In addition to reducing engine noise, a car exhaust system also reduces emissions.

In case you have finally decided to install a car muffler on your vehicle, and are looking around for the best car muffler, then you may have come across the car Flowmaster mufflers series.

The company offers some of the best and highest-end car mufflers on the market for maximum durability improved horsepower.

Flowmaster offers a wide array of car mufflers with their various car delta flow mufflers series, ranging from high-end to budget.

The Flowmaster 40 and the Flowmaster 50 are among the brand’s bestselling budget car muffler models. Both of them deliver excellent sound quality and performance.

Here is a comparison of Flowmaster 40 Vs 50 so that you can decide which one is best suited for your car.

Flowmaster 40 Vs 50 Comparison

The two most ideal mufflers for a wide range of cars are the Flowmaster 40 and Flowmaster 50. The Flowmaster 50 is your option if you require a mild and moderate muffler for your regular passenger cars.

The Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want a loud, forceful sound.

Mufflers, on the other hand, should not be bought solely for the sake of sound. There are a few more things to think about.

For example, the build material, car compatibility, flowmaster exhaust tone, mileage effect, appearance and look, interior resonance, fuel economy and so on.

So, below is a Flowmaster 40 Vs 50 comparison chart to help you in deciding which is the best.

Products Flowmaster 40 Flowmaster 50
Brand Flowmaster Flowmaster
Model 942551 42541
Interior Resonance Interior Resonance Interior
Sound Aggressive Moderate
Shape Oval Oval
Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Weight 9.5 Pounds 10 Pounds
Fit Type Universal Fit Cars and Trucks
Vehicle Compatibility Universal Specific
Applications Off-Road and Race Off-Road
Dimensions L 20.4 x W 4.6 x H 9.9 inches L 17, 23 x W 4 x H 9.75 inches

Huge difference Between Flowmaster 40 Vs 50

At first glance, the Flowmaster delta 40 and 50 mufflers appear to be identical. They do, however, have a number of differences that you should take into account before choosing one of them.

They’re both designed for different cars and have distinct sound tones.

So, here are some of the key differences between the delta flow 40 and delta flow 50:

Exhaust Tone

The delta Flow 40 has a somewhat deeper tone(overly loud) than the Flow 50, making it slightly more aggressive of somewhat similar to muscle cars.

The 50 has a good sound tone as well. It is not, however, as loud as the Flow 40. The sound of the Flowmaster 50 is suitable for cars and trucks.

Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, is suitable for off-roading and racing in your car.

If you prefer mild to moderate exhaust tones, the Flowmaster 50 is a great option. The Flowmaster 50 has a moderate exterior and offers less inner resonance than the Flowmaster 40 since it vibrates less.

The Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, produces vibration as a result of its strong sound. It boasts a powerful, aggressive sound tone that will make your presence known on the road. It is quite successful in getting a fantastic response from the spectators on the road.

Effect on Mileage

The majority of individuals do not consider the mileage effect of a muffler. A common misconception is that a muffler has no effect on mileage.

However, this is incorrect, as a muffler can have a negative or positive impact on mileage, depending on the muffler’s compatibility with your car.

When it comes to the Flowmaster 50’s mileage effect, it’s extremely smooth. As a result, they have no negative impact on the vehicle’s mileage.

The Flowmaster 50 aids in the reduction of fuel combustion, increasing the vehicle’s horsepower. As a result, your mileage increases.

Not only does the Flowmaster 50 improve mileage, but it’s also a smart choice if you want a muffler that reduces fuel combustion. Because of the reduced fuel consumption, the smooth, mild exhaust gives you excellent mileage.

However, with the Flowmaster 40, this may not be the case. It takes more fuel to burn than a loud exhaust, which results in a louder sound.

The Flowmaster 40 utilizes more fuel to achieve that powerful sound, which makes it less efficient for better mileage. Instead, it may result in a reduction in your mileage.

Basically, if you want an aggressive sound but don’t care about vehicle mileage, the Flowmaster 40 is the way to go. It is appropriate for people who wish to engage in a monthly or weekly ride.

Appearance and Look

The Flowmaster 40 and Flowmaster 50 have the same black color scheme and are designed to look like mufflers. However, their physical look is about the only thing they have in common.

The Flowmaster 50 is larger and has a higher flow rate than the Flowmaster 40. It also has a greater temperature rating, which means it can resist higher temperatures before failing.

Apart from the color pattern, their oval shapes make them look identical. The Flowmaster 40 and 50 mufflers are not easily identifiable from a distance.

The length of the Flowmaster 50 is slightly longer. The Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, is slightly wider and taller than the Flowmaster 50.

Compatibility with Vehicles

One of the key differentiators between the Flowmaster 40 and Flowmaster 50 car mufflers is compatibility. On the basis of compatibility, they are significantly distinguishable.

The Flowmaster 40 is a universal muffler, meaning it can be fitted on a supercar, a regular car, or even trucks. The Flowmaster 50, on the other hand, is only appropriate for a limited number of cars and trucks.

If you are willing to purchase the Flowmaster 50, you should check out the manual to learn more about its compatibility.

To be more specific, the Flowmaster 50 is only compatible with a certain number of car and truck models. The Flowmaster 50 is not a universal car muffler.

If your automobile doesn’t support the Flowmaster 50, you’ll have to hunt for a different brand or muffler if you want a moderate sound tone.

The Flowmaster 50 is suitable for those who own a land cruiser or a Jeep. The Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, is extremely compatible with BMW 528i, Ford 2004, Jeep Commander, and other similar vehicles.

Interior Resonance

Another important consideration when selecting a car muffler is the interior resonance. The better the muffler, the lesser the internal resonance. The inner resonance of the Flowmaster 50 car mufflers has been minimized.

This is due to the fact that it acts as a sound deadener for your vehicle. The Flowmaster 50 creates a peaceful environment inside your vehicle. Due to its technology and modest sound tone, it does not throw sound into your car.

The Flowmaster 40, on the other hand, works in a similar manner. Your car’s interior resonance is also reduced by the Flowmaster 40. It keeps your car’s internal atmosphere quiet while blocking outside noise. However, because it is louder and more forceful, you may still hear it inside your car because it is not as quiet as the Flowmaster 50.


Clearly, the Flowmaster 40 car muffler is louder than the Flowmaster 50, which is one of the big difference in this section. The Flowmaster 40 car chambered mufflers outperforms the Flowmaster muffler 50 by a large margin in rear bumper.

It sounds like thunder on the road due to its forceful sound tone, and it also helps you increase your vehicle’s road presence by causing people to turn their heads to look at your vehicle.

The Flowmaster muffler 50, on the other hand, is less loud than the Flowmaster 40 but not quiet. It has a modest sound, but it is unquestionably superior to the stock exhaust sound of your vehicle.

The Flowmaster 50 attracts some attention on the road, but it is not as loud as the Flowmaster 40 because it is more of a standard muffler than an off-road or racing muffler.


In terms of technology, the Flowmaster 40 features standard technology, whereas the Flowmaster 50 series delta flow performance incorporates internal delta flow technology.

When deciding between these two mufflers, the first thing to consider is whether you want something that will last longer or is more efficient. If you want something that will last longer, the Flowmaster 50 is the way to go.

It has been proven to be more robust than other exhaust systems. This is due to the fact that Delta Flow Technology performance uses fewer stock three chamber design metal components (which implies less rust) while allowing gases to flow more smoothly, reducing friction and heat build-up over time.

Not only that but if you want something that’s more efficient and saves you money on gas, the Flowmaster 50 is definitely what you’re looking for, as it uses less fuel than other exhaust systems.

Engine Efficiency

When it comes to better engine efficiency, then again, the Flowmaster 50 wins the title. Due to improved horsepower and torque, you also get better engine efficiency with the Flow 50 muffler pretty loud sounds, torque for daily driver. So, flowmaster 40 series is quiet or quieter as people complain if compared in difference with 50 series delta flow.

As it comes with moderate sound, it provides better engine efficiency. Not just because of its moderate sound tone but also because of its Delta Flow internal technology used in its making, it is a superior car muffler in comparison to the Flowmaster 40.

Durability and Longevity

The Flowmaster 40 is a better alternative in terms of durability and lifespan. It outperforms the Flowmaster 50 due to its fully MIG welded body and design.

The Flowmaster 40 is constructed of 16-gauge 409s stainless steel, making it an excellent choice. The Flowmaster 40 is a better deal if you want a long-lasting car muffler.

Pros and Cons of Flowmaster 40 vs 50

Flowmaster 40 Muffler:

Pros: Cons:
Aggressive Sound Less mileage
Decent Inner Resonance
Suitable with most trucks and cars
Solid construction

Flowmaster 50 Muffler:

Pros: Cons:
Moderate sound Suitable with specific vehicles
Excellent inner resonance
Good mileage
Balanced muffler

Which is Better: Flowmaster 40 Vs 50?

The Flowmaster 40 series and 50 series truck and car mufflers are also excellent on their own terms. The flowmaster 40 series has an aggressive sound, whilst the 50 series has a moderate sound.

When it comes to inner resonance, both are excellent. The 50 series , however, beats the 40 series in inner resonance due to the technology used by the 50 series.

But which is the superior option? Well, that depends on your car, driving style, and the intentions you have for your exhaust system.

The Flowmaster 50 is a fantastic choice and best muffler if you have other cars or truck and want a modest sounds good with modern look. Furthermore, if you desire better inner resonance, the Flowmaster 50 is an excellent choice.

The 40 series is a fantastic alternative if you enjoy an aggressive sound tone, have a power supercar, or a new generation automobile and want to modify the sound and exhaust system.

Not only that but the 40 series is compatible with the majority of cars, so you can install it in your car or truck without any problems.


Overall, the Flowmaster 40 and 50 are excellent choices for installing a muffler on your car. If you’re tired of your stock muffler, you may replace it with any of these Flowmaster mufflers, depending on your vehicle’s compatibility.

The Flowmaster 50 is a good choice if you prefer a moderate and mild sound tone with more interior resonance. If you want a muffler with an aggressive and powerful sound and a universal fit for your old or new car, the Flowmaster 40 is without a doubt the way to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the major difference Between Flowmaster 40 and 50?

The main difference is the sound tone. The Flowmaster 40 has an aggressive tone, while the Flowmaster 50 has a mild and moderate tone.

Which one is better for improved mileage?

The Flowmaster 50 is better for improved mileage.

Does the Flowmaster 40 fit an old Ford Crown Victoria?

Yes, due to its universal compatibility, the Flowmaster 40 easily fits onto any car and truck.

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