FCS Vs Monroe Struts: Main work and operational difference

There are various types of struts for different cars. However, you might not know which struts to pick for your vehicle. Struts are a sort of contemporary suspension that keeps the distance between your car’s wheels and body at a constant height.

FCS Vs Monroe Struts

By absorbing the weight of the vehicle on a breaker, struts make a ride more comfortable. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right struts for your car.

The two companies that produce and distribute the best struts on the market are FCS struts and Monroe struts. To help you determine which strut is ideal for your car, we’ve compared FCS vs Monroe below.

What is a Strut?

A strut is a metal support rod that runs from the inside of the car to the outside. It provides support for the body and helps stabilize it when you are driving or braking.

The purpose of a strut is to keep your car’s structure intact during small vibrations and large impacts.

A strut may be found on your front or rear axle, or both.

Most cars have front struts, but some have rear struts as well. Struts are also used to connect suspension components like control arms and coil springs together.

FCS Struts Review

The FCS Struts help you to improve your car handling. Designed with the latest technologies and featuring a strong, solid construction, it will provide you with outstanding performance on the road.

The material is durable, ensuring that it can last for a long.

The FCS struts are designed to work with your specific application and will help you gain better acceleration, as well as better fuel efficiency.

Moreover, these FCS struts are preassembled struts that can be easily installed in your car.

Monroe Strut Review

For those who enjoy a sporty upgrade, the Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 139105 replacement strut assembly combines performance and quality, offering the highest level of quality for your vehicle.

Metal components, including the springs and dampers, all come together to create this durable FCS strut assembly.

While standard features of this replacement strut include a threaded hole for easier installation and an anti-sway bar mount that relieves stress from your steering system, each purchase includes an additional spacer making adjustments for proper strut clearance.

Additionally, the Monroe Strut is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees compatibility with your vehicle for years to come.

FCS Vs Monroe Struts Comparison

  FCS Struts Monroe Struts
Assembly Preassembled Preassembled
Installation Ready to Install Ready to Install
Boot Included Yes Yes
Design Custom Vehicle Specific
Certified For both the North and Central America region USA
Build Material High-Quality Steel High-Quality Steel
Position Front Front
Anti-Rust Yes Yes
Noise Moderate Low
SAE Grade Nut and Bolt No Yes
Vibration Low Low
Spring Compressor Required No No
Origin China USA
Weight 9.4 Pounds 24.3 Pounds
Warranty Limited Limited

Difference Between FCS Vs Monroe Struts


When it comes to design, both FCS and Monroe struts are compatible with many types of cars. The FCS struts have a custom design and are intended for custom automobiles. On the other hand, Monroe struts are only available for specific vehicles.

Certifications: FCS STRUTS VS MONROE

The FCS struts are certified in the North and Central American regions. On the other hand, Monroe struts are certified throughout the country.


The noise is something that no one wants to hear coming from their car. However, it has been shown that FCS struts produce somewhat more noise than Monroe struts, causing them to lose this noise comparison.

SAE Grade Nut and Bolt

You should not be concerned about the SAE grade components. Because the Monroe strut has SAE grade nuts and bolts, but the FCS struts do not, this does not imply that the FCS struts use low-quality nuts and bolts.


The most crucial thing to be concerned about is weight. The FCS struts weigh around 9.4 pounds versus the 24.3 pounds of Monroe quick struts.

Most cars benefit from Monroe struts since they can readily take most shocks during brakes, whereas FCS struts may not.

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Similarities Between FCS struts Vs Monroe Struts

While FCS and Monroe have many differences, they also have many similarities, which helps in our understanding of the products. The installation, boot, and build quality, as well as the position, vibration, and anti-corrosion qualities, are all shared by FCS and Monroe Strut.


The similarities between FCS and Monroe Strut are that they are both preassembled. Preassembled struts are already put together and ready to be installed in your vehicle. The downside to preassembled struts is that you’ll need to pay for all of the labor that goes into assembling them.


Both FCS and Monroe Strut are ready to install struts, allowing you to get back on the road faster. You don’t need any additional tools to build or install any strut because they come as fully completed units. You can begin installing them in your car as soon as you have them.


Both Monroe Strut and FCS have boot kits that are included with the strut system. Boot kits are what hold up your car’s wheels and allow them to move freely on the road.

Coil Spring Suspension

To save weight and enhance overall performance, coil spring suspension is included with both FCS and Monroe strut as shock absorbers. Wishbone suspension and MacPherson strut are other names for coil spring suspension.

Depending on the use of the vehicle, the coil spring suspension can be changed with adjustable shock absorbers or an anti-roll bar to provide a more flexible ride height (truck vs sports car shock absorbers).

Build Material

The FCS and Monroe shocks Strut both have a heavy-duty design that allows them to last for years. Both FCS and Monroe Strut are made from steel, although the materials used for these two brands are different. FCS makes its strut out of high-quality steel, while Monroe Strut uses a lower grade of steel.


FCS and Monroe Struts can both be installed in the front of your vehicle. They’re designed to help you keep your car in the proper position, so you won’t have to worry about it getting pushed around by bad weather or other traffic.

Anti-Rust and Corrosion

Anti-rust and corrosion properties are similar between FCS and Monroe Struts. FCS and Monroe struts have a high rust resistance. These struts can both be utilized without fear of rusting. The FCS and Monroe Struts are resistant to moisture and acid attack, and they can easily handle hot and low temperatures.

Both Struts are anti-corrosion because they are covered with an epoxy resin, which prevents the nickel from oxidizing and creating corrosion-causing chemicals. The coating also protects the struts from acid rain and other high amounts of moisture that may occur during the winter months when leaves fall onto the road surface below them.


Many similarities exist between FCS and Monroe Struts, including vibration. Both struts produce relatively little vibration, which is an important characteristic of a good strut system.

Both FCS and Monroe Struts are intended to lessen the amount of vibration in your vehicle. Vibration is not only annoying, but it may also be hazardous to your car.

Spring Compressor

FCS and Monroe Struts are spring-mounted and do not require any special tools to install. The strut assembly contains all of the components needed for strut replacement without the need for a spring compressor. It includes the strut, coil spring, and strut mount preassembled for quick installation.


The struts from Monroe and FCS come with a limited lifetime warranty. You don’t have to worry about the quality because both companies are known for manufacturing high-quality goods and have been in business for a long time.

If you find any manufacturing flaws in any of these struts, they can be replaced. However, any wear and tear will void the warranty.

Pros and Cons of FCS Vs Monroe Struts

FCS Struts pros and cons:

Pros: Cons:
Lightweight and compact Noisy
SAE grade nuts and bolts  
Suitable for north and central regions of USA  
No assembly required  

Monroe Sturts pros and cons:

Pros: Cons:
Heavyweight and robust Vehicle specific
High-quality build  
No noise and vibrations  
Anti-rust properties  

Which is Better: FCS Vs Monroe Struts?

Both FCS and Monroe struts are designed for certain automobiles. As a result, there is no winner here. FCS struts are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for light-duty vehicles. Furthermore, they are certified for northern and central America and come with SAE standard nuts and bolts.

Monroe struts, on the other hand, are particularly ideal for heavy-duty vehicles due to their robustness and high-grade construction. The Monroe struts make no noise and have little vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the Monroe Struts in light vehicles?

Yes, Monroe struts can also be used in light-duty vehicles.

Will these struts raise the front?

These are aftermarket struts that will replace the factory struts in your vehicle. Depending on the car, these struts may or may not elevate the front.

Do you need to purchase any other equipment to install these struts?

No, you don’t need to purchase any other equipment to install these struts. You will need some basic pieces of equipment, and you are done.


To summarize, there is no clear winner in this FCS vs Monroe struts comparison. You can select one based on your vehicle, your budget, and your needs. This is because each car requires a particular type of strut, and both of these struts are designed for specific vehicles.

After considering this comparison, perhaps you will be able to make your own judgment regarding the best struts for your vehicle.

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