Dl2032 vs cr2032: Which one is best for you?

Dl2032 vs cr2032

It’s tough to imagine our modern lives without lithium batteries. We need batteries for many of our gadgets and devices, regardless of whether we have direct energy or solar at home. Toys, electronics, and remote controls all require batteries to operate.

There are many different types of batteries on the market. However, the coin batteries require special attention.

We must pay special attention to coin batteries since they are small in size, and we must ensure that the voltage utilized for them is accurate.

If you spend your money on the wrong battery, you may have to spend it again to buy a new and correct battery.

Coin batteries are primarily divided into two battery types: DL2032 and CR2032. People, on the other hand, are confused by these two batteries.

They are unsure which one to choose and which will be the most appropriate for their needs.

So, here is a brief and complete comparison of the DL2032 and the CR2032.

DL2032 Vs CR2032: Main difference

DL2032: The DL2032 Coin battery is a compact, round-shaped battery that is fairly common. It’s commonly found in wristwatches and other low-power devices or small devices.

The DL2032 Coin battery has a diameter of 3.2mm, a length of 20mm, and a weight of 2 grams. It can be used to replace any DL2032 coin cell battery, as well as the ones that came with your device.

You will need to replace this battery when it runs out of high power or higher energy density because it is not rechargeable like most manufacturers.

The circular center electrode of the DL2032 Coin battery is constructed of zinc-manganese dioxide (Zn/MnO2) with a silver oxide covering. Plastic is used for the casing, with metal top and bottom caps.

CR2032: The CR2032 batteries are similar to DL2032, but these are made up of lithium-ion.

These are used in calculators, watches, toys, and other small electronic items. The CR2032 is similar in shape to DL2032.

Moreover, the CR2032 is less than an ounce in weight and comes with a voltage range of 1.5V to 3V, depending upon the capacity you buy.

The letters CR and DL stand for “coin” and “button,” respectively. These two types of batteries have quite a distinct usage. Many devices, such as calculators, watches, and remote controls, use the CR2032 battery.

The DL2032, on the other hand, has a flat design that allows it to be utilized in devices such as cameras where space is restricted.

The DL2032 is a scaled-down variant of the CR2032 that can be used in watches and calculators. Although they look to be fairly similar, there are several variations between them that you should be aware of before utilizing either.

DL2032 Vs CR2032: The Limitations

Both the CR2032 and DL2032 are great coin batteries. However, they both have some limitations which you should consider before buying them.

DL2032: The DL2032 battery is a high-quality, extensively used battery. However, over time, the reusable quality of these batteries degrades.

In the end, whether you’re using these batteries in a wristwatch or on toys, you’ll have to replace them(replace a cr2032 battery or dl).

The battery will not be able to provide the same level of performance as it did when you purchased it. Not only will the DL2032’s quality degrade over time, but its voltage will as well, requiring replacement.

Furthermore, the DL2032 is not a reusable battery, which means you cannot recharge it once the quality has degraded. You’ll need to purchase a new one and discard the old one.

CR2032: Similar to DL2032 coin batteries, the CR2032 batteries is non-rechargeable or non-reusable like other brands. This implies that once you’ve used these batteries, you won’t be able to charge them and use them again, which will be expensive in the long run.

Not only that, but CR2032 cells have a few additional drawbacks than DL2032 batteries.

For example, they have a lesser current drawing capability, but this may not be an issue for you because you will be purchasing the new battery for lower current usage rather than high energy density usage for continuous voltage supply.

The CR2032 battery also requires a particular holder, but the DL2032 battery does not. The DL2032 can be used with a standard holder. A CR2032 battery costs substantially more than a DL2032 battery.

To purchase a 220mA battery, you will need to spend at least $0.35.

DL2032 Vs CR2032: The Interchangeability

The DL2032 and CR2032 batteries are coin-shaped lithium batteries that are commonly found in small gadgets such as watches, calculators, and key fobs.

Because they have the same voltage (1.5 V) and capacity, they can be used totally interchangeable in most situations.

The sole difference(only distinction) is that the DL2032 has a bigger diameter (23 mm) than the CR2032 (16 mm), making it incompatible with some devices that only accept CR2032s.

DL2032 Vs CR2032: What’s the Difference?

A DL2032 and a CR2032 vary in that the first is a lithium-ion battery while the other one is a lithium-manganese dioxide battery. Both are utilized in a variety of electrical devices, and they have distinct features that make them valuable in various applications.

However, you may not consider this to be the most important distinction because it has no bearing on usability, but the chemical composition is.

Apart from the chemical composition, there are five key distinctions between the DL2032 and CR2032, which are as follows:

Dl and Cr batteries: Production

The DL2032 is a lithium-ion battery with an average lifespan of roughly five years.

The DL2032 is a fantastic solution for devices that must operate for an extended period of time without being charged or replaced.

Furthermore, battery maker Duracell battery produces the DL2032 in large quantities. And they are the only major producer of these batteries.

CR batteries, on the other hand, are major manufactured by Panasonic. Panasonic, another well-known battery manufacturer, manufactures the CR2032 in large quantities.

Moreover, the CR2032 is also a lithium-ion battery with similar properties. Apart from that, there are no significant variations in the production of these two batteries.

Dl and Cr batteries: Weight

The difference between the DL2032 and the CR2032 is that they have the same diameter but different weights.

The DL2032 is slightly more solid than the CR2032. The DL2032 is 4.5 grams in weight, while the CR2032 battery is merely 3.1 grams.

This means that if you need to distinguish between batteries in your projects based on their weight, you should choose a DL2032 rather than a CR battery because it has more mass and will feel heavier when you pick it up.


Both the DL batteries and CR batteries(CR2032 and DL2032) are coin-shaped batteries that have been utilized in a variety of applications over time.

They’re both lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged, depending upon the model.

However, there are some precautions you should take before utilizing either of the two batteries.

You must securely recycle the unusual batteries since they contain mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous metals that are damaging to the environment.

Also, as mentioned by almost all battery makers, These batteries should be stored away from children and pets.

Because these batteries are small and round(coin-type batteries), they may attract youngsters and dogs, so keep them out of reach.

If the batteries have been in use for a long time, check for rust and oxidation on the battery; rust and oxidation must be removed for the safety of your device.

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Temperature of Batteries

Both batteries(CR2032 BATTERY and DL2032 battery manufacturers) have a temperature range of -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The difference is the amount of capacity loss when the battery is exposed to temperatures below or above this range.

The higher capacity range of CR2032 drops by 20% when exposed to operating temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), whereas the higher capacity of a DL2032(dl battery) decreases by 40%.

Similarly, like other manufacturers when exposed to operating temperature exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius), a CR2032’s capacity declines by 50%, while a DL2032’s capacity lowers by 70%. Thus, you cannot get an exact match of enough power for long periods.

Chemical Formulation

Battery Lithium manganese dioxide is used in the DL2032, while nickel-cadmium is used in the CR2032 battery. The LiMnO2 in the DL2032 battery extends its life, but it also prevents it from being recharged. Hence, guess the battery capacity.

The CR2032 battery’s(cr stand) NiCd can be recharged, although it has a shorter life than the DL2032 battery based on exact type correct fit physical dimensions.


All in all, these two types of batteries are nearly equal in terms of functionality with the coin cell same performance offers reliable performance weight or reliable power on small electronic devices. Both of these batteries are lithium-ion(battery lithium made) and can be utilized in a variety of gadgets as stated by the battery makers.

The crucial only difference is in the brands or just the maker(battery maker). Apart from the brands, the chemical formulation and the temperature at which the batteries can be operated differ.

If you’ve experienced problems with the CR2032 battery, especially in cold weather, the DL2032 is the way to go.

Even though it costs somewhat more than the CR2032 battery, it’s still an excellent option and well worth the money if you’ve never had problems with these batteries previously. Or you can replace a cr2032 battery.

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