Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 : Let’s compare them!

In the engine oil area, General Motors is a market leader. GM provides high-quality engine oils, and the brand has earned a favorable response for its various engine oil categories.


General Motors’ most popular engine oils are Dexos 1 and Dexos 2. Both engine oils have similar traits and are priced similarly. Choosing between these two may be difficult for you. So, to assist you in making a more informed purchase decision, we have compared the Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 engine oils below.

Now let’s move forward.

Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2 Engine Oil Comparison

  Dexos 1 Engine Oil Dexos 2 Engine Oil
Viscosity Good Standard
Compatible Engine Type Gasoline Diesel
Suitable Vehicles Modern and old Modern and old
Lifespan Good Average
Fuel Economy Good Average
Viscosity Grade 0W-20 5W-30
Cost Low Moderate
Quality Standards ILSAC GF-5 & API SN API SN and ACEA C2/A5/B5
Protection Against Deposits Excellent Excellent
Oil Change Interval 15,000 Miles 10,000 Miles
Anti-Rust and Corrosion Yes Yes

Difference Between Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2 Engine Oil

Oil Viscosity

The viscosity of the engine oil refers to how thick or thin it is. Most engine oils come with balanced viscosity, which allows them to be used in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

In this regard, Dexos 1 is better as it comes with a better viscosity grade than Dexos 2. Moreover, Dexos 1 has also been listed in the approved oil list as it can handle extreme temperatures in North America.

However, this doesn’t mean that Dexos 2 viscosity is not good. In fact, Dexos 2 has also been made to the approved oil list due to its balanced viscosity grade. Both engine oils are available in 0-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 0W-30 viscosity grades. This is the biggest difference between both oils.

Compatible Engine Type

Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 are suitable for different types of engines. The Dexos 1 is compatible with gasoline engines. On the other hand, the Dexos 2 engine oil can be used with diesel engines. Moreover, Dexos 2 can also be used with gasoline engines, which is a plus point of using this engine oil.


Pricing is the most important aspect of choosing between Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 engine oil. The Dexos 1 is slightly cheaper than the Dexos 2 engine oil. Both oils can be bought online or from offline stores. So you can go with your budget.

Quality Standards

When it comes to quality standards, both oil meets or exceeds quality standards. For instance, the Dexos 1 meets ILSAC GF-5 & API SN service classification.

On the flip side, the Dexos 2 engine oil meets API SN and ACEA C2/A5/B5 service classification quality standards.

Life Expectancy

Another difference between the Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 is life expectancy. However, both engine oils last longer than other standard engine oils.

The difference between the Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 is the quality of the synthetic base. The Dexos 1 has been made with a superior-quality synthetic base. Moreover, the Dexos 1 goes from the LSPI test to balance the premature oxidation, which makes it last longer than Dexos 2.

Oil Change Interval

Apart from life expectancy, both oils differ when it comes to replacing them. The Dexos 1 goes from various different tests, which makes it last longer. Thus, it can last as long as 15,000 miles.

However, that is not the case with the Dexos 2 engine oil. The Dexos 2 will only last for about 10,000 miles.

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Similarities Between Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2 Engine Oil

Suitable Vehicles

Firstly, not only do Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 perform similarly, but they are also suitable for use with both modern and older vehicles.

Fuel Economy

The Dexos 1 engine oil offers better economy in comparison to Dexos 2. This is due to the fact that Dexos 1 comes with low HTHS in order to improve fuel economy.

Protection Against Deposits

Both engine oils offer excellent protection against deposits and sludge formation.

Anti-Rust and Corrosion

Dexos 1 and Dexos 2, both engine oils, have extra additives in the form of anti-corrosion and anti-rust to keep the engine components safe.

Pros and Cons of Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2 Engine Oil

Dexos 1 Engine Oil:

15,000 miles oil replacementNo cons so far
Better life 
Meets high-quality standards 
Available at affordable pricing 

Dexos 2 Engine Oil:

Excellent protection against depositsSlightly expensive
Meets high-quality standardsLasts for only 10,000 miles
Suitable with modern and old vehicles 
Ideal for diesel engines 

Which is Better Engine Oil: Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2?

The Dexos 1 engine oil is superior to Dexos 2 as it comes with great specifications for a lesser price. The Dexos 1 engine oil lasts longer than the Dexos 2.

It has a better life and better viscosity grades, making it an obvious choice for many car owners looking for affordable General Motors engine oil. So this is all about Dexos 1 and Dexos 2. Now you can choose oil according to your need and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2

Can you mix Dexos 1 with Dexos 2 or Vice Versa?

No, you should not mix these oils because they have different viscosity.

Can you use Dexos 1 instead of Dexos 2?

No, you shouldn’t use Dexos 1 instead of Dexos 2 because both engine oils are designed for different types of engines.

Can you use Dexos 2 in petrol engines?

Yes, the Dexos 2 can be used in petrol and diesel engines.

Conclusion on Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2

To sum up, the Dexos 1 is better engine oil. It lasts 15,000 miles and also comes at a cheaper cost. The Dexos 1 engine oil also has a balanced viscosity grade, making it extremely durable.

So, there is everything to know about the Dexos 1 Vs Dexos 2 engine oil comparison. Hopefully, you now have complete knowledge of what these two engine oils are.

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