Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2: Which is the ultimate engine oil in 2022?

The comparison battle between Dexos oil, that is, Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 is very common among car owners. However, the major problems are faced by first-time car owners mostly. They lack certain awareness and wonder what’s the major difference between these two products.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid Optimized Selenium is the actual abbreviation of Dexos oil, and it is a type of additive fuel that helps in cleaning the engines general motors run by diesel and guarding the engine against the sulfur which is present in the fuel.

This exclusive guide is dedicated to giving you in-depth details about the main difference between Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2, their pros and cons, and what product should be best for you to purchase.

Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 comparison table


Dexos 1 Dexos 2
Dexos 1 suitable engines are basically gasoline engines Dexos 2 suitable engines are basically Diesel type engines
The viscosity of Dexos 1 is 5w-30 The viscosity of Dexos 2 is 5w-30
Replacement with GM6094M, GM-LL-A-025 & GM4718 Replacement with GM-LL-B-025 & GM-LL-A-025
Dominates the North American and Asian region Dominates the European Regions mostly
It is greatly compatible with after 2011 manufactured models. It is compatible with any model doesn’t matter when it is manufactured
It comes under the ILSAC GF-5 & API SN service classification It comes under API SN & ACEA C2/A5/B5 service classification
It can easily counter and give protection against sludge formation and other harmful deposits. It also gives sludge and other harmful deposits formation protection like Dexos 1.
It can easily handle up to 1500 miles of oil change interval due to high relativity. It is incapable of handling a long time of oil change intervals due to low relativity.
It can give build-up protection against rust and corrosion. It is formulated for highly turned four-cylinder and technology engines that are the latest in the market.
Enhances fuel economy. Same as Dexos 1 it also enhances fuel economy.

What is the Dexos 1 engine oil exactly?

If we understand the exact meaning or functionality of Dexos 1, it basically serves as the lubricant of the fuel system for those engines general motors which run on diesel. In the year 2004, Dexos 1 came into the market. 

Therefore, in the same year (2004) it came into use by the car manufacturer. So, all car models of 2004 which runs on diesel have this lubricant in their vehicle. 

However, there are certain criteria, a car manufacturer has to go through to implement the use of the Dexos logo on their engines general motors. The Additive must pass the API or American Petroleum Institute specification CK-4

Dexos 1 is classified as a fuel system lubricant(oils) in vehicles that have high quality and is capable of protecting the diesel engines conventional oil from the damage of Sulfur that is present in the fuel by specifically designed sludge reduction.

Apart from that Dexos also perform the engine cleaning function and ensure it’s smooth running. 

One major drawback with Dexos1 gen 2 is that it is incompatible with gm the vehicle engines that are run on Gasoline. So, better not to try it(engine oil) on your gasoline engines vehicle.

What is Dexos 2 Exactly?

Same as Dexos 1, the Dexos logo can be used by car manufacturers on their engines only if they pass the American Petroleum Institute specification commonly known as API CJ-4. 

Currently, the specification came to be popular by CK-4+ after the 2016th specification revision. 

Therefore, this makes Dexos 2 a brand new product and not the upgraded version of Dexos 1 . It is actually a new branded product that meets every requirement of 2016 API specifications.

Besides these, the Dexos 2 is also concluded as the high-quality lubricant of the fuel system that is capable of protecting the engine wear on diesel against the sulfur particles which are usually present in the fuel to improve fuel economy.

Additionally, it also mains the smooth operation of the engines and maintains their cleanliness. Apart from diesel engines, Dexos 2 are also designed for gasoline engines as well.

Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2: The ultimate difference & dexos oil specifications

Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 both perform the same function of protecting the gm engines as vehicle meet from the fuel present sulfur particles(api sn) and maintaining their cleanliness and is regarded as the topmost quality lubricant (specially designed with stringent specifications in this new generation of these two oils)of the fuel system.

But there still lies some difference, that is listed below,

  • The specification of API 

  1. Dexos 1 arrived in the market in the year 2004 that performs the fuel system lubrication for engines that are run by diesel only. It follows the API specification CK-4 without more harm.

  2. Whereas, Dexos 2 arrived in the year 2016 that performs the same fuel system lubrication function but for both diesel engines and gasoline engines under the API specification CJ-4+

  • Market intent behind manufacturing these two lubricants dexos oil

  1. Dexos 1 was manufactured with the intention to serve the General motors car units.

  2. But Dexos 2, doesn’t have any limitation towards General Motors only, instead, it can be used by any engines which are being run on either gasoline engines or diesel.

  • Dexos oil Lubricants quality and performance

  1. In the case of quality, both Dexos 2 and Dexos 1 provided their best without any compromise.

  2. In case of performance, also, they give their best in protecting such engines from harmful engine damages caused by the presence of sulfur in fuels of conventional oils.

  3. But the revised API specification CJ-4+ is met by Dexos 2 only, which implies it to be better compatible for specific engines running on gasoline and diesel and regarded to provide enhanced performance if compared with Dexos 1 improved fuel economy.

Common Question

These questions are very common regarding Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 and should be cleared with in-depth details.

Does Dexos 1 and 2 mean the same product?

Both Dexos1 gen 2 and Dexos 2 perform the same functions and are treated as high-quality fuel system lubricants but still, they aren’t the same. They are two different products with the same name.

Due to the year 2016’s API specification revision, there came a difference as Dexos 2 is a more advanced lubricant intended to serve both diesel and gasoline engines but Dexos 1 is still worthy to serve diesel engines only.

Which product should I use?

In this particular question, the best advisor can be your car’s user manual. As every car is different. Even the same car of different previous models manufactured differ as well. So, it is better to consult your car manufacturer’s service or go through the car user manual, everything will be surely mentioned there.

However, if no fuel lubricants mentioned in the manual, well congratulation, you don’t need to spend further dollars for getting those lubricants as your gm vehicles won’t be needing them like My personal car. 

But if the manual points towards one or both the products, you should go the recommended one to be on the safer side.

What will happen if I avoid using the Dexos oil?

You won’t be facing any issue as per my personal experience and other car experts’ advice as long as you intend to mass usage of completely synthetic amalie oil fuel synthetic blend. You will be lucky not to witness any kind of minimized more mileage or engine detriment thereafter.

However, the vehicles manufactured recommended engine oil that does tend to enhance the vehicle’s overall performance as claimed by them through synthetic blend. But I would suggest you take no chance at all till your car is totally covered under the warranty as you might need to showcase the engine oil receipt during claiming the service warranty of your car and engine. 

Eventually, gm if you are unable to present the actual specifics might lower your car’s warranty claim period.

Dexos oil are oils of which brand?

The popular good oil or oils categories of engine oil viscosity range from 0w20, 5w20, or 5w30. Whereas in business the quality synthetic amalie oil stock is considered the best which improve fuel efficiency in gm vehicle if compared with modern petrol in European region. Meanwhile, there are many companies that prepare these engine oil without compromising any requirements and standards of the industry. Though other than these two oils company list is not short. Still, some of the worth mentioning names that provide the best engine oil include GM oils, Shell oils, Valvoline oils , Vesco oils , Amalie oils , Castrol oils, and ExxonMobil oil.

Hows much are the Dexos oils change?

It will add up an additional cost of 30 percent for this type of product. Dexos oil blend, inexact figure, you have to spend 5 extra dollars per Dexos oil change.

But it is completely worth it as it is bound to improve the engine’s performance of your car in every possible aspect in light duty diesel engines. 

Final Verdict on Engine oils Dexos 2 and Dexos1 gen 2

Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2, in engine oils better quality aspects, longer life and higher temperatures both are great and are designed to give complete diesel and gasoline engines protection against the harmful sulfur particles present in the fuel economy with engine combustion fuel efficiency. 

But they can’t be interchanged between each other like other oils especially in North American region high temperatures and as a car owner, you should go your European market factory fill car owner’s manual recommendation always in gasoline and diesel engines low speed pre ignition. Do let me know if you have tried other oil or other oils in a older models.

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