Detroit Axle Vs Moog : Which one is better?

Detroit Axle Vs Moog

Ball Joints in a car are one of the most important parts of its suspension system as it connects the steering to the wheel of the car. The ball joints allow you to turn the car in all directions and also help in shock absorption so that you can have a safe and smooth ride.

While most cars and vehicles come with high-quality ball joints mounted on them, they may still not last as long as you want to use your car. So, you might be willing to replace the default ball joints of your car with a new one, and you might have come across the two most famous and well-known ball joints: Detroit Axle and Moog.

You may be in a situation where you need to choose between these two ball joints, let me help you with this decision. Our comparison of Detroid Axle Vs Moog ball joints will help you find out which is a better choice for you.

What is Detroit Axle?

Detroit Axle is a leading manufacturer of aluminum wheels, axles, and other products. Detroit Axle has a wide range of products that are offered to customers at a great price.

They offer wheels for any type of vehicle and for any type of vehicle owner. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine vehicles, snowmobiles, and ATVs, among others.

Detroit Axle’s most popular product is the ball joint. The Detroit Axle ball joint is a ball joint that replaces the one that is located inside your vehicle’s axle.

If a ball joint breaks, it can cause serious damage to your car and could even be dangerous for you. The Detroit Axle Ball Joint is made from high-quality materials and has been tested for durability, ensuring that your car is well protected if this happens.

What is Moog Ball Joint?

Moog Ball Joints are one of the most popular axle ball joints for car axles. They are commonly used in custom car parts and motorcycle suspension systems, but they can be used for many other applications as well.

The Moog ball joint is made up of two parts: a ball and a socket. It has an inner cup that fits loosely over the inner race of one part, while an outer cup fits loosely over the outer race of another part. The inner cup has an opening that allows you to adjust it to fit tightly against your vehicle’s surface.

You can also modify the amount of movement between your two parts by adjusting each cup separately. In other words, you have more control over how much movement there is between them, which will help you get them just right for your vehicle’s needs.

Detroit Axle Vs Moog Comparison

Detroit Axle Moog Ball Joint
Type Lower Ball Joints Lower Ball Joints
Installation Ready to Install Ready to Install
Heat Resistance Yes Yes
Corrosion Resistance Yes Yes
Leakage Control Yes Yes
Greasable Socket Yes Yes
Wear and Tear Minimum Minimum
Fitment 4WD 8-lug Models / 1500 Ram Mega Cab Specific Vehicle Fitment
Warranty 10 Years Replacement Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Box Contains Nut, Cotter Pin, Dust Shield, and Grease Zerk Nut, Cotter Pin, Dust Shield, and Grease Zerk
Durability Excellent Good
Performance Best Good
Friction Average Least
Life Expectancy Average Better
Quality Contol Standards Strict Quality Controls Matches OE Requirements
Price $35 to $390 $25 to $300

Similarities Between Detroit Axle Vs Moog


The first major commonality between the Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints is their type. Both of these ball joints are of similar types: Lower ball joint.

Both the Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints are made up of a bearing stud and socket that fits snugly into the casing, which is completely lubricated for smooth steering control.

Both the ball joint offers a conical ball that is smooth to rotate around the axis. Moreover, both types of ball joints are designed to allow free rotation around their axes.


The installation of the Detroit Axle and Moog Ball Joints is not difficult, and it is very similar to installing both of these ball joints. It is important to consider the vehicle type that you are working on as well as how long you will be installing it.

The best method for installing both of these parts is by using a socket wrench set and a torque wrench. If you do not have one, then you can purchase them at any hardware store.

Apart from a wrench, you can also use a plier to install the ball joints. While installing the Detroit Axle, you need to ensure that the ball joint is tight, while the Moog ball joint should be free around its axis without wobbling too much.

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance of both Detroit Axle and Moog Ball Joints is the same. Both of them are heat resistant, so they can withstand high temperatures and still function properly. Both the ball joints are flexible to resist the heat to a very high temperature without any issues.

Leakage Control

Both Detroit Axle and Moog Ball Joint are known for their ability to control the leakage of fluids. Both products have a steel ring that goes around the shaft of the joint or axle that prevents leakage. The steel ring is sometimes called a shim or sleeve.

Leakage control is one of the most important things that will keep the performance of your vehicle up while controlling the leakage.

Greaseable Socket

The Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints both use greaseable sockets. The greaseable sockets allow you to reduce wear and tear as much as possible. Not just are these ball joints greaseable, but whenever you feel the grease or the oil needs to be changed, you can easily change it.

You need to take care of the greasing in both of these lower ball joints and do the greasing frequently. The best part about these two ball joints is that you can do excessive greasing or oiling, and the ball joints will not lose.

Wear and Tear

Both Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints use ball joints that are designed to withstand high-stress situations and heavy loads. As both of these ball joints are made up of very high-quality components, they have very less wear and tear.

However, to keep the wear and tear reduced or as low as possible. You need to make sure that you do oiling or greasing often. Without the proper greasing, the life of both these ball joints will be reduced marginally.

Box Contains

Both of these ball joints come with the same box contains or attachments. The Detroit Axle and Moog ball joint has a nut, cotter pin, dust shield, and grease zerk within the box. Therefore, you won’t have to spend money on aftermarket installation parts such as nuts and dust shields.

Difference Between Detroit Axle Vs Moog

Build Quality

The first significant difference between the Detroit Axle ball joints and Moog ball joints is their build quality. While both of these ball joints are made up of industrial-grade high-quality components, they still have some differences in their construction.

The main difference is in their quality control. Both of these ball joints follow different quality control standards. The Moog ball joints follow QE quality standards, while the Detroit Axle is built with strict quality control that is maintained by experts and professionals.


Another major consideration to take into account while choosing between the Detroid Axle and Moog ball joints is their performance. Both of these ball joints perform similarly in most factors, but the Detroit Axle is slightly better.

The Detroit Axle is slightly better against corrosion, leakage, and heat. But this doesn’t mean that Moog ball joints are bad performers. In fact, the Moog ball joints are similar in terms of performance because the brands follow OE standards.


Choosing a Detroit Axle or Moog ball joint depends largely on durability. A good ball joint will last a long time and won’t need to be replaced often, while a poor one will need to be replaced quickly.

In this regard, the Detroit Axle is slightly better. This is due to the fact that it follows the company’s strict quality control, and the quality is controlled by a team of professionals.

While the Moog ball joint lies just below the Detroit Axle, and it also has great durability. Moreover, it won’t require you to replace it often.


There is another significant difference between the Detroit Axle and Moog in terms of the warranty. The Detroit Axle offers you a 10-year long warranty, and you can ask for replacement only within the warranty period.

On the other hand, the Moog ball joint offers a limited lifetime warranty which is slightly different than the Detroit Axle’s warranty. You can replace the Moog ball joints if you find out any manufacturing defect.


Fitment is another crucial consideration to take into account while choosing between the Detroid Axle and Moog ball joint. The Detroit Axle fits 4WD 8-lug Models / 1500 Ram Mega Cab.

On the flip side, the Moog ball joints only fit some specific vehicles, and it is not compatible with all the vehicles. The Moog ball joint specifically fits in off-road vehicles for better handling and improved control.

Pros and Cons of Detroit Axle Vs Moog

Detroit Axle:

Pros Cons
Better fitment Average Handling
10 Year long warranty
Highly durable
Excellent performance

Moog Ball Joints:

Pros Cons
Decent performance Suitable for specific vehicles
Limited lifetime warranty
Better for off-road vehicles
Improved handling

Which is Better: Detroit Axle Vs Moog?

The Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints are both excellent quality ball joints. They both offer superior performance. However, the Detroit Axle is slightly better as it comes with better fitment, meaning it can easily fit most vehicles, while the Moog ball joint is only compatible with vehicles.

However, when it comes to pricing, Moog offers a better price to performance due to its affordable pricing and similar features. The Detroit Axle is slightly pricier, but the pricing can vary depending upon where you buy it from.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is a better brand: Detroit or Moog?

Both brands are great and offer great quality products. It depends upon your personal preference and budget which brands suits you the most.

Which is more lightweight: Detroit Axle Vs Moog?

The Detroit Axle is the most lightweight when compared to Moog ball joints.

Are both products lab tested for quality purposes?

Yes, both of these products are tested multiple times in different lab tests for quality purposes. Moreover, both come with high-quality control standards.


Based on the comparison above, there is no major difference between the Detroit Axle and Moog ball joint that can be a deal breaker for you.

The main difference between the two is in their warranty. The Detroit Ball Axle comes with a 10-year warranty, while the Moog Ball Joint comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Apart from that, there is no significant difference between these two products.


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