Centric Vs Raybestos: Which is best?

Without a doubt braking system is one of the most important components of a vehicle. Without an effective braking system, you won’t be able to stop the car in time, which increases the risk of an accident. You cannot change the braking system, but you may choose from a variety of brake rotors to let you stop the car when it is required.

Centric Vs Raybestos

There are many different types of brake rotors available on the market, but not all of them will suit your automobile and be ideal for your braking requirements.

Two of the best braking rotors on the market, Centric and Raybestos, both provide excellent quality and reliable performance. As a result, we’ve compared Centric and Raybestos rotors below to make it easier for you to decide which is best.

What are Brake Rotors in Cars?

Brake rotors are the metal discs that stop your car from moving. They’re made up of a series of metal plates that are pressed together, and they help with stopping your car by applying force that pushes against your tires to slow down or stop the car.

When you apply force to your brakes, the force pushes the brake pads against the rotors, which causes friction between them. That friction causes heat, which is what makes them harder and stronger.

In a nutshell, brake rotors are what stop your car’s tires from moving when you apply the brakes.

Centric Vs Raybestos Comparison

Centric Brake Rotors Raybestos Brake Rotors
Model No. CEN126.40063SL 581612FZN
Build Material Cast Iron Enhanced Iron
Coating Type Electro-coating Black Fusion or Grey Fusion 4.0
Style type Vented Vented
Salt Water Testing 400 Hours of Salt Water Exposure 300+ Hours of Spray
Standards Exceeds OE Requirements Exceeds OE Requirements
Vibration Minimum Minimum
Durability High High
Smooth Stopping Yes Yes
Compatible Vehicles Street vehicles, Trucks, Luxury cars, and SUVs Daily Commuter Vehicles and cars
Rust Prevention No Yes
Installation Hard Easy
Warranty 3000 Miles N/A

Similarities Between Centric Vs Raybestos

The Raybestos and Centric brake rotors are two of the best brake rotors that come with a lot of similarities. From their manufacturing style to the quality standards and vibration, there are a lot of commonalities between them. There is a razor-thin difference between these two brake rotors that allow you to make your choice.


When it comes to the style of Centric and Raybestos brake rotors, then both are highly similar. Both of these brake rotors come in a vented style.

If you don’t know what vented brake rotors are, they are the type of brake rotors that comes in most modern vehicles. Vented brake rotors like Centric and Raybestos have a hollow channel between the outer and the inner surface.

The best aspect is that the channel enables the rotor to dissipate more heat, which also helps in reducing brake wear.


If you are looking for high-standard brake rotors, then you must know that both, Centric and Raybestos are known for their quality components. Both brands make high-quality brake rotors, pads, and calipers which are affordable as well.

Both brake rotors come with Original Equipment (OE) standards. This means that both are genuine quality brake rotors with no compromise in the build quality. Moreover, both of these brake rotors are used by big brands like Lexus, Pontiac, Scion, Toyota, and more.

Not just do these brands follow the OE standards, but they both exceed the OE standards, making them highly reliable and trustworthy to use.


Centric vs. Raybestos rotors are both designed to stop your car, but both of them do vibrations. However, the vibration is very little and not at all noticeable.

The Centric and Raybestos braking rotors are revolving discs; as a result, when you press the brake pedal, the disc is pressed against the calipers, slowing down the car and causing a small amount of vibration that is natural.

However, if you believe the vibration to be abnormal or too unstable for your car, you should call the manufacturer right away and ask for a replacement brake rotor unit.


When it comes to the durability of Centric and Raybestos brake rotors, then both are highly similar. Both of these brake rotors are made of industry-grade metals, due to which both of them are highly durable.

Both of these brake rotors should easily last anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 miles, depending upon your driving style and the road conditions.


Whether it be the Centric brake rotor or Raybestos brake rotor, they both offer smooth stopping of the vehicle. While there is a slight noise and vibration with both brake rotors, it is completely normal.

Differences Between Centric Vs Raybestos

Build Quality

Both Centric and Raybestos use these iron metals because both brands are known for their durability, strength, and ability to withstand any kind of friction or impact on the road.

The metal’s ability to withstand such force makes it incredibly resistant to corrosion and rusting, which means that it’ll last a long time even if you drive your car all day, every day.

However, there is a slight difference in terms of build quality and material. The Centric brake rotors are made up of cast iron, while the Raybestos is made up of enhanced iron.

Due to the use of cast iron in the build, the Centric brake rotors are highly resistant to being raptured. The Centric brake rotors have a fixed proportion of iron alloy, which also allows them to not change with temperature.

Hence, the Centric brake rotors have an advantage over Raybestos, and they are the winner in terms of build or material quality.

Coating Type

Centric rotors are made with electro-coating. In contrast, the Raybestos brake rotors have either black fusion or Grey fusion 4.0. The Centric brake rotors offer great performance with the high-quality protective electro-coasting shield.

The electro-coating not just prevents the brake rotors from corrosion and rust but also makes them visually attractive.

On the other hand, the Raybestos brake rotor comes with Black Fusion or Grey Fusion 4.0 coating. It is a special, multi-layer coating that’s used on brake rotors. It’s designed to reduce friction and improve braking performance.

Black Fusion is applied to the surface of the brake rotors, where it acts like an additional layer of rubber between your tires and the brake pad. As you apply pressure to the brakes, this coating creates less friction between your tires and the brake pads, which helps stop your car more efficiently.


Experts supervise the testing of the Centric and Raybestos braking rotors. Both brake rotors have undergone saltwater testing. More than 400 hours were spent testing the Centric blades in salt water.

While only 300 hours of salt water spray testing are conducted on Raybestos rotors, although they haven’t been tested equally, both of them are of a good caliber because thousands of people have already utilized them.

Compatible Vehicles

The Centric brake rotors are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including street vehicles, trucks, luxury cars, and SUVs.

On the flip side, the Raybestos brake rotors are compatible to be used with most daily commuter vehicles and most types of cars.

Rust Prevention

The brake rotor from Raybestos has an industry-grade coating that prevents rust. Centric brake rotors also guard against rust. However, they are less successful than Raybestos.


When purchasing a brake rotor, a warranty is an important consideration. With a credible warranty, you may drive with confidence, knowing that if the brake rotors don’t function properly, you can approach the manufacturer for replacement.

However, this is not the case if you choose to go with the Raybestos brake rotors. This is because Raybestos brake rotors don’t come with any type of warranty which can be a deal-breaking aspect.

On the other hand, the Centric brake rotors do come with a warranty. The Centric brake pads offer you a long warranty of up to 3,000 miles. You can enjoy your driving of up to 3,000 miles without having to worry about the brake rotors.


The biggest difference between the two models is in their price. The Centric is $40 cheaper than the Raybestos, making it the better value option if you’re just looking for a simple replacement part that won’t break your bank account.

Raybestos, on the other hand, are quite pricey. However, the cost also depends on where you get them. The price may be slightly lower if you purchase them offline, but there won’t be a significant difference.


When it comes to the installation part, both are quite difficult to install. However, Raybestos will offer you video tutorials and guides which you can utilize to install them with ease. But this is not the case with Centric brake rotors, you need to get them installed by a professional.

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Pros and Cons of Centric Vs Raybestos

Centric Brake Rotor:

Pros Cons
400 hours of testing Difficult to install
Affordable pricing
3,000 Miles Warranty
Compatible with most vehicles

Raybestos Brake Rotors:

Pros Cons
Easy to install with tutorials Quite expensive
300+ hours of testing
Compatible with daily commuter vehicles
Excellent rust prevention

Which is Better: Centric Vs Raybestos?

The Centric and Raybestos brake rotors are equally good. Based on the comparison above, the Centric brake rotor is the clear winner as it offers the best value for money.

Not just is it affordable, but it offers good value. For instance, it is made up of high-quality cast iron, which will last longer. Moreover, it has been tested under salt water for about 400 hours.

On the other hand, if you want a high-quality brake rotor, then the Raybestos should be your pick. However, the Raybestos are significantly more expensive than the Centric brake rotors, but it also offers good protection.


Therefore, you now understand how Centric brake rotors compare with Raybestos brake rotors. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the right brake rotors with this comprehensive guide.

If you are still confused and don’t know which one you should pick for your car, you should consider your needs, budget, and driving style.

For instance, if you don’t have budget issues and you are driving and often use brakes, then you should go with the Raybestos brake rotors, as they will offer you great performance and quality.

However, if you want something that comes under the budget and offers decent performance and quality, the Centric brake rotors should be your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the average lifespan of brake rotors?

The average lifespan of brake rotors is around 50,000 to 70,000 miles. In addition, the frequency with which you use brakes is also a factor. On top of that, road condition also plays a major role in deciding the life of brake rotors.

What type of brake rotors are better: Vented or Solid?

Vented and solid-state brake rotors are both great options for your car, but they each have their pros and cons. Solid rotors work by using friction to stop the wheels from spinning, which is a great option because it’s cost-effective and reliable.

On the other hand, Vented rotors have vents cut into them that allow the brake fluid to escape so that it can be re-applied when needed. They also serve as a cooling mechanism, which helps keep the brake pads cool and prevents them from overheating.

Is it necessary to replace brake rotors in pairs?

Yes, the brake rotors should be replaced in pairs.

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