Duralast vs Autocraft: Which is the best Battery in 2022?

Autocraft vs Duralast

The automobile market is hard to imagine without the involvement of car battery, especially in 2022. This led the energizer battery market to get flooded with one after another exclusive product. Meanwhile, it brings confusion among the mechanics and car owners especially when it comes to Autocraft vs Duralast.

This article is an in-depth analysis of these two leading product comparisons and determines which is the best car battery in, duralast vs autocraft car batteries battle.

Why compare these Autocraft VS Duralast?

The year 2022 marks the gradual growth of eco-friendly non-fuel consuming vehicles which in fact raises the demand for car batteries in the market as well. The growing trend forced many of the leading car manufacturers to shift towards good battery-equipped cars.

However, hybrid cars which consume both electricity and fuel are also trending as well. But the serious threat of Global warming in today’s generation is hard to johnson controls but the replacement of fuel-consuming cars with battery voltage-operated ones can be one step ahead in preventing this global threat.

The release of Carbon, which is regarded as one of the major causes of warming the atmosphere, comes from burning fuels by the motor vehicles operating on the road on a daily basis. So, to counter these effects cars most automotive batteries are getting popular nowadays.

However, this also brings the confusion about various cars batteries among the people at the beginning of this trend. Eventually, this confusion can be worst if the comparison arises between two leading players like Autocraft vs Duralast which in reality give an equal amount of power to the vehicle.

This is where the necessities for this comparison come into play. This article is dedicated only to clearing all the doubts you have in your mind based on autocraft vs Duralast and will help you to choose the right one. Just don’t confuse with Duracell battery or get curious about how long duracell battery lasted in this battery match.

Chart comparison between Duralast vs Autocraft for your advance auto parts

The car battery depends on main features which include a warranty, size, power generating capacity, and other features that vary from one model to another that you need to confirm before battery buy. All the available models are hard to include in one comparison and are therefore specific models like Duraclast 24-DL and Autocraft Silver-50 are taken into account in this great comparison.

Autocraft Duralast
Model no: Autocraft Silver-50 Model no: Duralast 24-DL
Location of the positive terminal: Top left Location of the positive terminal: Top left
Weight:43 Lbs Weight:38.68 Lbs
Reserve Capacity: 108 minutes Reserve Capacity:110 minutes

Cold cranking amps : 600 A

Cold Cranking amp: 600 A
Voltage: 12 VDC Voltage: 12 VDC
Group size: 50 Group size: 24
Warranty of the product: 2 years Warranty of the product: 2 years

I hope you got the points clear that there hardly exist any kind of significant differences between the Duralast and Autocraft car batteries.

Main Features of these batteries:

The durability or car battery lifespan(How long will this car battery lasts):

The durability of a product indicates its life span(here car battery life). IN simple words it denotes the probable working time. The Durability of a car battery is an important factor to consider while choosing a car battery as they are quite expensive.

If I were at your place, I would go for the most durable one( I mean the car battery brand).

If we compare the durability of Autocraft and Duralast car batteries, you will be surprised to know there hardly exist any.  Both of these very good batteries can serve you for a time period of 3-5 years without causing you many serious issues just check it before the agm battery sold.

However, proper maintenance is the key factor that decides the ultimate durability of the car battery. Additionally, Durablast and Autocraft economy other batteries serve much lesser time of same company if compared with gold and silver-type sears marketed diehard batteries.

Go with the silver and gold type acid filled batteries, if you don’t want to regret them later on.

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Cost of the excellent Battery on your advance auto parts:

The harsh truth is that, whatever johnson controls car battery you gonna purchase, it would be pricey(like a typical car battery costs and are not available at very affordable price). That is why people go with the most affordable automotive batteries and trust me the price of a car battery plays a crucial role in the purchase of it.

The price(common jci battery brands) of Autocraft car batteries and Duralast car batteries are almost similar and therefore price won’t be a factor in comparison between any one car batteries purchased from these two.

Capacity or Reserve Minutes:

This term Reserve minutes can be a bit technical but you should know about it before you make the final purchase. In simple words, the Term Reserve Minutes indicates the number of minutes a car batteries can sustain a given load.

This metric is calculated before the car batteries reach their full charging potential. IN general, the sustained load reaches 25 amperages and sometimes even more.

In the chart provided above, you could see the duralast and Autocraft batteries have a reserve minutes of 110 minutes and 108 minutes.

This indicates that the Duralast battery can withstand the load for 110 minutes till its gets fully charged. Whereas, the Autocraft battery can sustain the load 2 minutes lesser than the Duralast.

This point is still not significant as the value is comparatively low.


The Autocraft batteries are much heavier than that of the Duralast battery. This implies more portability for the Duralast battery as they can easily be transferred from one place to another.

It is much much easy to handle a small-sized battery for Duralastrather than handling a bulky large battery of Autocraft which poses almost zero to negligible portability.

The benefit of using the good batteries in car which you should know

The act of using diehard batteries in cars serves a vast amount of benefits. However, this benefit turned into a necessity in 2022. The major cause responsible for this is the rising threat of global warming. the main reason responsible for global warming is the excess carbon emission into the atmosphere. The fuel utilized by the engine displacement of the cars releases this carbon and in turn, it raises the atmospheric temperature.

The utilization of batteries can end this threat completely. A car operating on batteries consumes electricity instead of batteries. This implies that a car running o batteries runs on electricity and therefore it shares no contribution to global warming.

Another worth mentioning battery benefit is that they last much longer times. Though in the beginning, it would cost you much it can be normalized easily in the last run and it also needs low maintenance cost.

Best car battery type: Which one should you choose?

I hope you are clear that there is no significant difference between the aaa car batteries of duralast and autocraft. They both come with the lead acid ,same cold cranking amps, same voltage, same reserve minutes, positive terminal location, cost, and durability unless you opt for duracell automotive battery cubic inch ac delco or get a mighty max johnson control.

This might get into another doubt. Why aren’t they the same as interstate batteries and everstart batteries? right

The reason behind this is that they are designed to give their best depending on the condition of the weather. This is the only difference you could possibly find between these Autocraft vs duralast batteries. I am not sure about the replacement warranty so do check the level of replacement warranty before purchasing.

Autocraft batteries are not designed for Regions that receive snowfall and are extremely cold. The functioning and capacity of these autocraft batteries can be badly affected by the harsh winter conditions. There even lies the possibility of complete failure of these batteries in this type of weather. However, Duralast as is clear from its name can withstand this harsh condition and are ready to work normally in both warm and reliable cold starting weather conditions battery buy.

So, reserve capacity Autocraft batteries shouldn’t be your choice if you live or travel in areas that are dominated by the cold climate. Instead, go for Duralast. These Duralast batteries will offer you the best experiences. They both don’t serve as the dual purpose battery.

Eveready battery or optima batteries maybe your alternate choices for sears car batteries. So, check do check discount on Walmart batteries to get average battery cost runs down for both the batteries. Moreover, these premium batteries cannot be part of bargain batteries especially in amazon optima batteries.

Apart from reserve capacity do check the long warranty or cell construction or replacement warranty type in interstate batteries or everstart batteries

Apart from this point, there doesn’t exist any kind of distinguishable features. So, don’t get confused again. Choose the best car battery brand wisely based on the weather location for cold cranking rated car batteries.

The Duralast vs Autocraft brand comparison ends here and this optima brand post is dedicated to clearing all your doubts regarding it.

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