4114 vs 3157: Which one should you choose ?

4114 vs 3157

Whether you are driving or truck, minivan, or a car, a bulb always plays an important role in your safety. They ensure you to help in the dark, and they make sure that you get a clear view of your path.

Moreover, the bulbs, whether exterior or interior, helps other to see you and your indications or brakes and turning indicator.

The most popular bulbs on the market are 4114 and 3157, both of which are made by the same company, Sylvania.

Both bulbs are ideal for different uses, and if you’ve seen these two on the internet, you may be unsure which to choose.

All of your doubts will be addressed with this 4114 Vs 3157 comparison.

4114 Vs 3157 Comparison

There are a few factors to consider before choosing between the Sylvania 4114 and the Sylvania 3157.

Before making a final decision, you should learn about the power consumption, bulb type, if it is suited for your car or truck, and other bulb specifications.

Bulbs 4114 3157
Wattage 2 Watts 26.88 Watts
Bulb Type LED Non-LED
Color Options White and Amber White
Vehicle Specific Headlight and signal light
Vibration Absorption Yes Yes
Thermal Management Yes No
Compatibility Fits in place of the old bulb Fits in place of the old bulb
Suitable for Back-up and Reverse Lights Interior Lights
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 4 inches 2.94 x 1 x 4.75 inches
Net Weight 0.63 ounce 0.64 ounces

Difference Between 3157 Vs 4114

Power Output

The Sylvania 4114 and 3157 are two completely different bulbs in terms of power consumption and output.

The 4114 is an LED bulb that uses just about 2 watts of power from the vehicle’s battery and does not cause the battery to overheat due to lower wattage.

The 3157, on the other hand, has a power usage of 26.88 Watts. It creates more light and allows you to see well in the dark because it is a halogen bulb. However, it consumes more energy, so if you have a small car, this bulb may not be the best option for you.

However, for truck and minivan drivers, the Sylvania 3157 bulb is an excellent choice. Because it provides more light, it covers a larger area both inside and outdoors, making it ideal for large cars.

Bulb Type

Both the Sylvania 4114 and the Sylvania 3157 bulbs provide a large amount of light(brighter).

The Sylvania 3157 is a halogen lamp headlights , which means it produces light using a tungsten filament burn.

The Sylvania 4114 is a light-emitting diode (LED’s) bulb. Instead of a major filament,the manufacturer uses a semiconductor called Gallium Nitride (GaN) as modifications pair.

Most old cars and vehicles come with a halogen bulb installed for the interior as well as exterior.

However, modern generation cars and other vehicle manufacturers produce vehicles with other LEDs burned bulbs installed on them. This will not only save battery but also produces less heat inside the vehicle.

Color Options

Both the 4114 and 3157 are available in white. The 4114 is also available in an amber color. However, we do not recommend that you choose the amber color. This is because, as a 2-watt bulb, the amber color may not create a lot of light thus, opting for the white color is a better deal.


LED bulbs, as we all know, last much longer than halogen bulbs. Because the 4114 bulbs is an LED bulb while the 3157 is a halogen bulb, the 4114 will last longer(long life). The Sylvania 4114 is a great alternative if you want a bulb that will survive for years without needing to be replaced.

Moreover, the two bulbs 4114 bulb comes with 70,000 hours of life span(it is a long life bulbs), whereas the 3157 will only last for 50,000 or fewer hours and after this hours it would feel like old bulbs.


The most significant difference between the 4114 and 3157 bulbs is their applications. The 4114 bulbs can be used in a variety of situations. The 4114 bulbs is ideal for all applications, from turn signals to tail lights and not just turn signals, it can be used as backlights.

The 3157, on the other hand, can also be used in a wide range of applications, but only in larger vehicles such as trucks and minivans.

If you wish to use it in a vehicle, it’s best to utilize it as an interior light.


Both bulbs are excellent in terms of brightness. The 3157 bulbs is a halogen one, whereas the 4114 is an LED bulb. The 4114 is designed to produce a bright white light that makes your car highly visible to other drivers. As a result, the 4114 is an excellent choice for tail lights and turn signals.

In comparison, the 3157 produces adequate light, but it is not suitable for interior use. Because they are dim, they should not be used as exterior lights. These bulbs can be utilized in applications where brightness isn’t as important as it is in others.

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Pros and Cons of 3157 Vs 4114

Sylvania 4114 Bulb:

Pros:  Cons:
Longer life span Amber is not as bright as white
Low power consumption
Ideal performance
Beautiful appearance

Sylvania 3157 Bulb:

Pros: Cons:
Easy to install Consumes more power
Excellent brightness
Decent durability

Which One is Better Offers Better Value: 3157 Vs 4114?

Both the Sylvania 4114 and the Sylvania 3157 can be used for a number of applications. Because they have different use cases, it’s best to pick one that fits your needs.

The 4114 is preferable for outside lighting, whilst the 3157 is acceptable for any vehicle’s inside lighting.

Furthermore, it is dependent on the vehicle on which the lights are to be installed. If you own a truck or a huge vehicle, the 3157 is the way to go.

The Sylvania 4114, on the other hand, would serve anybody better for sedans and other compact cars but has decent durability.


In conclusion, the Sylvania 3157 vs 4114 light bulb is hard to tell apart. Both bulbs offer high quality at low prices and will last a long time.

The Sylvania 4114 is a worthy substitute for the 3157 bulbs. Both, however, are made by the same company.

The 4114 is more cost-effective than the 3157 bulbs while still having superior performance.

Sylvania did an excellent job with this bulb as it comes with only 2 watts of power consumption and still the bulbs produce higher brightness than the 3157 as like they are daytime running lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Sylvania 4114 Bulbs DOT approved for inspection?

Yes, the Sylvania 4114 bulbs are DOT approved, and they are completely safe to use in a vehicle.

Where should 4114 and 3157 bulbs be installed?

The Sylvania 4114 and 3157 are suitable for installation as a common marker. For instance, you can use these bulbs as a marker lamp, turn signal, brake lamp, and more in your vehicle.

What color does the 3157 glow in: white or amber?

Because the 3157 bulbs are only available in white, they will only glow up white.

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