285/70R17 Vs 285/75R17: Let’s compare

While selecting a car tire from a variety of manufacturers is simple, selecting the proper tire size is trickier. Without knowing the correct tire size, you risk purchasing the wrong one, which might put you in danger. This is not something anyone wants to risk their lives for.

285/70R17 Vs 285/75R17

Two of the most common tire sizes on the market are 285/70R17 and 285/75R17. It is important to note that these two sizes are very different. Therefore if you’re willing to change your automobile tires, you need to have the right information about these two tire sizes.

Below you can find out the comparison of 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17 to make a wise decision in choosing between these two car tire sizes.

285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17 Comparison

285/70R17 285/75R17 Difference
Tire Diameter 32.71 inches 33.83 inches +1.14 inches (+3%)
Tire Width 11.22 inches 11.22 inches 0 inches (0%)
Sidewall Height 7.85 inches 8.42 inches +0.55 inches (+7%)
Radial Tire A Radial-Ply Tire A Radial-Ply Tire No difference
Rim Size 17 inches 17 inches 0 inches (0%)
Circumference of Tire 102.76 inches 106.28 inches +3.54 inches (+3%)
Revs Per Mile 616 596 -13 (-3%)
Aspect Ratio 70% of the Width 75% of the Width +5 (+3.5%)

Similarities Between 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17

When it comes to the comparison of 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17, then you need to focus on the major difference to make a wiser decision. However, similarity also plays an important role when comparing two tire sizes.

Tire Width

Tire Width is usually measured in mm or millimeter, and it is important to know the distance between the tire’s sidewalls. Width is important because the wider the tire, the better contact it will have with the road. The wide tire will help you get better traction. However, a wide tire also leads to more bumps on rough roads.

The best part about the 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 tire sizes is that you get the same amount of width with both these tires. This means both tires will have similar contact with the road.

Radial Tire

When it comes to the design of 285/70R17 and 285/75R17, then both come with the same design. Both are Radial-Ply tires which is a particular design in tires that has a more flexible sidewall than bias ply tires.

On top of that, the radial-ply tire provides a better tread contact than other design tires. Not just that, but the radial-ply tire offers a smoother ride in comparison to bias ply tires. The letter R in the name means that they both are radial tires.

Rim Size

The Rim size is one of the most important factors when choosing between these tire sizes. You can find out the rim size of your tire from the sidewall of the tire. Also, you can check the manual or contact the manufacturer.

The 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 are both tire sizes and come with the same Rim size, that is 17 inches, or 431.8 mm.

Difference Between 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17

Tire Diameter

Tire diameter is the measurement of the inside diameter of a tire. The diameter is measured from the “old sidewall,” which is the innermost edge of the tire, to the “new sidewall,” which is the outermost edge of the tire.

The 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 both come with different tire diameters. In comparison, the 285/70R17 has a tire diameter of 32.71 inches, whereas the 285/75R17 has a tire diameter of 33.83 inches, which means that the 285/75R17 is bigger in size.

Sidewall Height

From the bottom of one tire to the top of another, the sidewall height can be measured. Your vehicle’s tire information label will provide you with this measurement in millimeters.

If you replace your old tire with a new tire that has a smaller or larger sidewall height, then it can damage your vehicle’s suspension system, wheels, and tires as well.

Both the 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 have a slight difference in terms of sidewall height. The 285/70R17 comes with a sidewall height of 7.85 inches, while the 285/75R17 has a sidewall height of about 8.42 inches.

Circumference of the Tire

The circumference is important because you want to get the best speed and mileage out of your vehicle. The circumference will examine how far the vehicle will travel with each revolution of the tire. The higher the circumference, the far the vehicle will travel in one revolution.

The circumference of the 285/70R17 tire is about 102.76 inches, while the 285/75R17 tire has a circumference of about 106.28 inches, which means the 285/75R17 will travel farther than the 285/70R17 tire.

Revs Per Mile

Revs, also known as revolution per mile, will determine how many times the vehicle will go around one mile. The greater the number, the lesser will the vehicle will go around in one mile.

The 285/70R17 can go about 616 revs per mile, whereas the 285/75R17 can go around 595 revs per mile which is less.

Aspect Ratio

The biggest difference between the 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 tires is the aspect ratio. The 285/70R17 comes with an aspect ratio of 70%, while the 285/75R17 tire comes with an aspect ratio of 75%.

The aspect ratio of these two tires will determine the height of the cross-section to its width, which will have a significant effect on their compatibility with the vehicle.

Even though the old tire on your automobile and the new tire is the same width, you cannot just replace the old tire with the new one. Prior to changing tires, you should also take into account the aspect ratio of each tire.

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Pros and Cons of 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17


Pros Cons
Suitable for on-road driving Small circumference
More revs per mile
Quiet ride
Excellent performance


Pros Cons
Large circumference area Fewer revs per mile
Decent Rim size
Better speed rating
Excellent performance in snow and muddy areas

Which is Better: 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17?

The 285/70R17 and 285/75R17 are both great tires. But in the end, when you have to pick between these two tires, you need to check the compatibility with your vehicle.

For instance, if you want a tire for on-road driving, then the 285/70R17 is a better option as it has a narrower width and short sidewall, making them more stable.

However, if you want an off-roading tire, then the 285/75R17 is a better option due to its taller sidewall width, which offers maximum stability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum speed of 285/70R17 tire?

The maximum speed of these can vary depending upon the vehicle and the road. But the recommended maximum speed is about 99 to 112 MPH.

What is the maximum speed of 285/75R17 tire?

The maximum speed of the 285/75R17 tire is about 112 MPH.

Which is better for off-roading: 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17?

The 285/75R17 is a better tire for off-roading as it has a taller sidewall width.


To sum up, this was all you need to know about the 285/70R17 Vs. 285/75R17 comparison. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the right size tire for your automobile.

Remember that the difference between tires can make a huge impact on other components of your car, such as the suspension system, so do make sure to check and get the right fit for your vehicle to ensure safe driving.

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