0w40 vs 5w30: How do they differ exactly in 2022?


0w40 vs 5w30


For a man, his vehicle is as loving as his dog and that is why they wish to take proper care of it and oil consumption, the product that is best for their vehicle. Likewise, when it comes to the best engine oil for their loving car, 0w40 vs 5w30 is a common comparison.

As the use of low-quality engine oil can have a direct impact on your car, therefore it is necessary to know the difference and the best-recommended motor oils for your vehicle.

So, let’s break down the 0w40 and 5w30 comparison in detail.

0w40 and 5w30: Main difference

0w-40 engine oil 5w-30 engine oil
0w-40 engine oil model: Mobil 1 5w-30 engine oil model: Amazon basics
It enhances the efficiency of the car engines It works great for those engines that have a capacity of 75,000 miles.
Greatly suitable for extreme conditions driving For minimizing wear of the engine, it reduces friction
It provides fast protection against deposits and reduces engine wear. It provided great thermal breakdown resistance and high viscosity resistance.
Designed to provide heat protection in the internal engine. It is designed to minimize exhaust emissions.
Between oil changes, it mains awesome viscosity with an upper limit of 10,000 miles. It gives corrosion protection by preventing build-up, the cause of corrosion.
For maximum European Vehicle, it is recommended by the Automobile makers. Follow the car’s user manual recommendation for the ultimate performance.

Why to compare 0w40 and 5w30?

First-time car owner, wonders are there any kind of need to compare these two 5w30 vs 0w40? My answer to this confusion would be yes, there is.

And if you ask me what exactly is that need. I would need you to stay with me till the end to give you a complete view, of whether to choose 0w40 or 5w30 for your vehicle.

In recent days, the frequently used vehicle is 5W30 motor oil as is easily compatible with a wide variety of cars and its engines as well. Additionally, it is composed of base motor oils and additives that perform the engine cleaning functionality also apart from providing proper lubrication.

On the other side, 0w40 marks its existence in the market due to its excellent chemical stability and remarkable thermal resistance and is, therefore, concluded as the engine lubricant of high quality.

Besides its quality, it also provides a wide range of application choices to be used in turbochargers, irrespective of the condition of the weather.

0w40 and 5w30: What does this actually mean?

If I tell you, you need to buy figure out the motor oil which needs to be used for your car on yourself once you received the designation “car owner”.  In such a case, how are going to figure out to find out the ultimate motor oil for your car and interpret the label?

But the main irony is that there are various types of motor oils and they are all perfect provided that you choose the suitable motor oil depending on the compatible condition. So, it is recommended to choose a worthy advisor for getting the correct advice. But where should you find such an advisor? 

Don’t worry I am here to share my expertise which I have gained through my passion and love for cars.

In this post what those numbers represent, is the actual viscosity of the motor oil. Eventually, the letter “W” stands for the season “Winter”. 

How the motor oil is graded is based on the system of the SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers. The numbers are based on the motor Oil grade and they depend on the motor oil characteristics as well.

To give protection Multigrade was designed over a temperature range as the viscosity of motor oil depends on temperature(like low viscosity or less viscosity or higher viscosity). That is why you have to face these labels SAE 5W-30 or 0W40 motor oil.

If we break down the meaning of the 5W-30, the number previous to the letter W represents the thickness or thinness of the motor oil. The lower is that number the thinner and thicker motor oil it represents. 

In fact, it represents the best performance in cold temperatures. In places with high temperatures, it has a thick motor oil to perform the best performance at this temperature. 

The best solution against the varying temperature can be Multigrade motor oil. As it can perform really well in both well in high temperatures as well as low temperatures.

Can you mix 5w30 and 0w40?

It is advisable to mix the motor oils based on the grades of motor oil and not depending on the brands of the motor oil. So, you are good to go with the mixing as long as they belong to similar grades. 

In this case, 5w30  is thicker than 0w 40(it is thinner oil), and mixing them will show great startup flow with a viscosity at its ease.

However, you might not neglect the factor “temperature” while mixing them. For example, mixing them with each other can give great results in hot places like Africa (warmer weather)whereas they are bound to perform least in colder European regions after mixing them. You will notice 0w in the upper hand.

The oils, its viscosity and its flow with temperature and related, keep in mind.

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0w40 oil: What is it used for?

If you are residing in colder regions (same temperature countries or European vehicles engine region)then your best motor oil choice should be towards 0w40 over other engine oils. The numbers present in this motor oil level represent its use actually. 

This motor oil holds the ability to flow with ease of start and contains enough weight against any type of breakdown. It is mostly suitable for those engines which run on fuel economy such as gasoline and diesel. These 0w40 vs 5w30 oils are maintained the great fuel economy of the everyday vehicles industry.

Can I use 0w40 instead of 5w30 oil?

The simple answer to this question is Yes you can for fuel efficiency. But it is not a common choice or recommended by the vehicle owner to use two motor oils to improve fuel economy. As 5w30 motor oil is thicker oil than the 0w40 motor oil and is, therefore, may not be suitable for a few engines. So you won’t get the desired result. due to the primary requirement of car’s engine needing more thickness for maintaining optimal viscosity at the startup, especially during the hot operation startups.

Just keep in mind that a vehicle operating in hot weather (not extremely cold weather conditions or colder temperatures) is bound to perform great with motor oil of thick viscosity thereafter cold temperature go well with multigrade oil of thinner viscosity and enhance fuel economical crisis. So, operating temperature is a core metric to consider in vehicle’s engine multi grade oils.

So, if we compare the thickness of 5w30 vs 0w 40, it is the 5w30 motor oil that is much thicker than the other and is, therefore, producing great performance in hotter regions as compared with cold weather(cold climate). 

For best suggestions on 0w40 vs 5w30, go through the owner’s manual guide provided by the car manufacturers to the ultimate suggestion to avoid wrong motor oil and use recommended motor oil. If it says you to use 0w 40, then no doubt, it will give a stunning performance and enhances your fuel economical.

Final Verdict:0w40 vs 5w30 motor oil

Doesn’t matter what the application is, if the mineral Motor oil is Multigrades then congratulation it is going to work with most applications. The major difference between these two synthetic motor oil is that 0w40 provides better flowing performance in low temperatures. However, more fuel doesn’t imply low performance in high temperatures as well. The main role is of temperature(weather condition) and viscosity in these two oils

But if your main concern is the best performing thinner right oil in the cold weather or winter months then it is none other than the 0w40 (the ultimate and generally recommended free corrosion recommended full synthetic oils for your car engines to prevent wear and maintain proper oils flow )and if the concern is for the hotter region(hot temperatures) then you should go with 5w 30.

This is all you need to know for the 0w40 vs 5w30 comparison in your fuel economy. In fact, if I missed any further questions of yours, please do comment below to reach us via our contact page for the solution or check engine owner’s manual.

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